Actress Jun Mi Sun who is playing the role of female shaman Jang in TV series The Moon Embracing the Sun praised junior actor Kim Soo Hyun as “a very handsome young man.”

On the KBS2TV’s Win Win broadcast on March 6th, 2012, Jun Mi Sun was asked by the MC the question of “Is Kim Soo Hyun also so handsome out of the drama?” She answered, “Very handsome young man, when looking at him in acting, also very tempting.”

Jun Mi Sun continued to say, “The time to meet with young actors was not a lot, only recently co-starred with them, from that point onwards, no longer use honorary title.”

Then, she was asked about how she feels about Lee Gi Kwang when comparing with Kim Soo Hyun. Jun Mi Sun said, “Personally I very like. Especially the hairstyle, thus I brought my son to salon to get exactly the same hairstyle with Lee Gi Kwang.” While Lee Gi Kwang was showing off his “Gi Kwang style,” provoking laughter from audience on the scene and actors.

On the day’s program, Jun Mi Sun confessed the real story of suffering from disorder for avoiding the public after terminating the activities for 5 years since their love and marriage.