In the episode 11 of tvN’s Flower Boy Ramen Shop (Cool Guys, Hot Ramen) titled “Love Also Needs Translator” that broadcast on December 5th, 2011, Jung Il Woo and Lee Ki Woo are using different ways to confess to Lee Chung Ah respectively.

Firstly, on the day of the broadcast, the confession of Jung Il Woo to Lee Chung Ah is gathering attention of people. He originally thought of confessing directly to Lee Chung Ah, but due to too shy, Jung Il Woo didn’t take off his helmet, and said, “You will obsessed with me.” The confession that is like grandiloquence is called “helmet confession.” The fighting line of love is gradually entering good state.

Helmet and Pillar Confession

On the contrary, Lee Ki Woo confession to Lee Chung Ah also attracted people’s attention. Lee Ki Woo said, “No matter what time, I will stand here like a pillar,” showing the tall guy’s deadly charm. Actually, Lee Ki Woo who earns the nickname of pillar due to his height of 193cm is attracting attention with his “pillar confession.”