The “antenna hair” of actor Jung Il Woo has became a talking point.

The “antenna hair” style of Cha Chi Soo character in tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama series Flower Boy Ramen Shop who is played by Jung Il Woo has attracted attention.

This is a style for the scene where Jung Il Woo slept next to Yang Eun Bi (played by Lee Chung Ah) who collapsed due to fatigue when taking care of her. In order to realistically portray the look after waking up, Jung Il Woo directly put up his hair to show the “antenna hairstyle.”

Jung Il Woo who has shown great passion to Flower Boy Ramyun Shop had been personally decorated the room, prepared things, and even personally styled his hair, showing his commitment to the drama.

Netizens said, "The antennas are very cute," "The hairstyle was done directly with hand," "Jung Il Woo is very hardworking," "He is a fashionista! He does the hair himself? Awesome," and so on.

The Jung Il Woo in "antenna hair" is broadcasting on 11 PM of the night of December 13th, 2011 on Flower Boy Ramen Shop.