Jung Ryu Won Self Destructing Image in Salaryman

Actress Jung Ryu Won is returning to the small screen through new drama.

Recently Jung Ryu Won was filming the scene of been interviewed by Cheonha Group in SBS TV new Monday and Tuesday drama series Salaryman Chohanji. Jung Ryu Won is playing the role of Baek Yeo Chi, who is the granddaughter of Jin Shi Hwang (Lee Duk Hwa), the chairman of CHeonha Group.

In the interview, when asked what is her belief in life, she said, “Don’t want to be wage earner even if starve to death,” stunned all the interviewers. Then the interviewer asked, “What is your advantage?” Baek Yeo Chi said, “Good in drinking, can curse in three foreign languages​​.” In the last question of “herself after 10 years in the company,” she said, “Sack all the staffs, eventually may be only left me alone,” surprising interviewers.

At the end of the shooting, Jung Ryu Won said, “I have made mental preparation to self destructing my image in Salaryman Chohanji, but it will be a beauty that nobody could hate.” The remark made all the staffs laughing.

In addition, the “Salaryman Chohanji” is a comedy that depicts the career, love, passion and success of working class, and the script is written by Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon of Giant fame. It sets to debut January 2nd, 2011 at 9:55 pm.


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