On the afternoon of October 28th, 2011, Jung Yoo Mi had attended the news conference for SBS Monday and Tuesday drama A Thousand Days’ Promise.

In the TV series, Jung Yoo Mi plays Noh Hyang Ki who loves Kim Rae Won’s character in the drama, even in the situation where he actually loves another person, she insists on loving him, and hence she called “oppa fool.”

In response, Jung Yu Mi said, “If I am Noh Hyang Ki, my love for him will gradually think. Cannot be loving Kim Rae Won oppa.”

“I’m not an active type, personality is rather indifferent and not spoiled. So, I won’t like Hyang Ki to love Rae Won to such extreme. Kim Rae Won oppa is very handsome, when I was not familiar in driving, oppa will help me to stop the car personally, and also taught me a lot in acting.”

via Joynews24