Junsu, a member of three-memeber JYJ pop group, made a special cameo appearance in the 5th episode of Scent of the Woman. This is the the first time Junsu to act in a drama series. In the drama, Junsu is casted as his real-life character “Junsu”, who is also a popular superstar singer in the drama.

The scene involved Junsu is about his spectacular concert and special dinner date with Kim Sun Ah, the lead actress who plays “Yeon Jae”, who idolizes Junsu in the drama. After enjoying the concert with Lee Dong Wook and Um Ki Joon, she wins the opportunity to go on a dinner date with him.

The concert in the film was actually filmed with an actual mini-concert held in a university in Uijeongbu, where 500 fans attended. In the concert, Kim Junsu sang I Can Soar of the JYJ World Wide album, together with The Beginning and Intoxication which is a single released in Japan.

Here’s photos that been released for the Scent of a Woman with shots or scenes (including behind the scene) involving Kim Junsu.