JYJ Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hye Dating in Protect the Boss

The NaMu couple (named after the names in drama) of Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye will be going to date again in 15th episode of Protect the Boss. In episode 14 of Protect the Boss, a date between MuWon and NaYun is revealed, where Na Yun who has kissed Mu Won recently has her heart fall to Mu Won again.

During the date scene which was filmed recently in a street in Seoul, they visited a tteokbokki (or ddeokbokki) street vendor to eat tteokbooki (a Korean snack which is a braised dish of sliced rice cake, meat, eggs, and seasoning) and oden. At the time, the two ate with pleasure that was far beyond mere acting, and has gathered attention of passerby, especially when Wang Ji Hye intimately feeds Jae Joong herself.

A close confidant of Kim Jaejoong said, “Mr. Jaejoong is especially liked to eat ddukbokki. He especially liked to eat the spicy hot one, the jjamppong spicy noodle soup flavoured with onions and chili oil which others find very difficult to eat, he can eat just like a normal noddle. Of course, as he eats a lot of spicy food, so he eats a lot of medicine to protect the stomach.”

Fans who saw both of them is dating said, “it’s good if they can be together in drama,” “NaMu couple fighting!” and etc.

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