On the afternoon of February 14th, 2012, actor Kim Jeong Hoon appeared on YTN channel variety show News and Isu-Isu and People, and revealed that he was invited to star as the role of Heo Yeom, but ultimately he had to give up due to busy working schedule.

When asked whether he had been invited to participate in The Moon Embracing the Sun drama series, Kim Jung Hoon answered, “That’s true. At that time I was approached to play the role of Heo Yeom, personally I also very much like to star in the series, but because of busy schedule, I couldn’t accept the offer. Now the drama is so popular, I am also very happy.”

When asked, “Do you regret it?” He answered, “No regret. If I always have regretted at heart, then I will regret on many things.”

After watching the program, netizens said, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun used to invite Kim Jeong Hoon to act in it,” “If Kim Jung Hoon has accepted this role, then we will see another Heo Yeom,” “Hope can receive a good film next time.”

via TVDaily