Korean actor Kim Rae Won is commenting on the controversy on his acting skill, and said that “the acting is very good.” In the SBS Monday and Tuesday A Thousand Days’ Promise, Kim Rae Won who plays the character of Park Ji Hyung is walking out of the TV and displays the stubborn faith similar to Park Ji Hyung. The manager of Kim Rae Won said, “Once into the role, it’s very difficult for him to disassociate himself.” Kim Rae Won also said seriously, “When acting in the character of the movie Sunflower, I was also tortured by depression.”

Met with Kim Rae Won in a coffee shop at Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on November 22nd, 2011, and as he said, Kim Rae Won was not displaying pleasant image, instead he was displaying an image that is like the deep love from the inner heart of a man Park Ji Hyung has towards a woman.

Although have tried all his best to portray Park Ji Hyung, but the appraisal seems to be very divergent, and a small part of it is criticizing his acting. However, about his acting skill controversy, as an actor that fully understands the role, Kim Rae Won had something to say, “I did not make mistake!”

Kim Rae Won said, “If presenting the same acting in another drama, may be there is different reactions, in A Thousand Days’ Promise, the lead actress has always been the focus.”

A Thousand Days’ Promise describes the the story of heroine Lee Seo Yeon (played by Soo Ae) who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and hero Park Ji Hyung (played by Kim Rae Won) who displays true love. Although Park Ji Hyung is engaged with Noh Hyang Ki (played by Jung Yoo Mi) because of family, but after knowing the illness of Seo Yeon, he chose not to marry. Just as explained by Kim Rae Won, the sickness of Seo Yeon was really the focus in the first half of A Thousand Days’ Promise.

“I am understanding as this, after heroine is sick, there is urgency to let everybody sees the man who truly care of her. The heroine, in some part, is showing a great deal of sadness and pain, and at the first half, I can only be the side that endured, but with the broadcast of episode 9 and 10, the script began to change, I have the ambition to show my true talent.”

When Kim Rae Won is feeling the reaction from the surrounding, he also admitted himself, “Of course there are some parts of the weaknesses, but no great mistake.” He said: “The writer Kim Soo Hyun said I played very well, and that I am s clever as a fox. In this feminine drama, saying that I show acting skill that likes a fox, I treat it as a kind of praise!”

With A Thousand Days’ Promise now enters the second half, the love between Ji Hyung and Seo Yeon becomes the focus again. Unlike the first half, “the love to Seo Yeon” and “pain together” are the two major issues for Kim Rae Won’s acting.

“In the first half, Ji Hyung looks like a little depressed, and in the script so far, I think the second half, can better show the image of a depressed man who wants to urgently sacrifice for love. As for how should the acting be presented, what kind of feelings I will show from now on, I hope to be able to act more relaxingly.”

Comparing with his peers, Kim Rae Won is senior proven actor that already has 16 years of experience due to his early debut. After discharged from military service, he is welcoming a new image with A Thousand Days’ Promise.

“As a 31-year-old actor, this is the beginning of Kim Rae Won, after entering the 30-year-old, just like the feeling the singer who wanted to do a good album, it’s just too great if the first work is A Thousand Days’ Promise.”

His ambition is just like the desire to acting. Kim Rae Won revealed his future plan, “Originally thinking of resting a few months after completing this drama, but now looks like it’s impossible! Although it’s possible to do a lot of things in drama series, but I don’t know how much I desire for acting, but I hope to challenge similar roles in movie again.”

via eDaily