Kim Rae Won and Soo Ae in Bed

Kim Rae Won Opens Own Shirt to Bed Soo Ae

The production press conference of A Thousand Days’ Promise was held on the October 11th, 2011 at SBS Broadcasting Center, and all the major casts including Kim Rae Won, Soo Ae, Lee Sang Woo, Jung Yu Mi and others have attended.

During the press conference, Soo Ae revealed a behind the scene story of the amazing bed scene that was the major highlight shown on the teaser trailer for the drama. Soo Ae said, “In the video, it seems as if I’m leading the sexual engagement with Kim Rae Won, but actually he led me.”

Soo Ae added, “I had trouble ripped open the button his dress shirt, but he helped me a lot.”

Kim Rae Won explained, “She had trouble ripping off my dress shirt during the filming so I just ripped it off myself because I felt urgent.”

via TVReport


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