The heart of Kim Soo Hyun is really painful when shooting cry scene.

On the afternoon of March 7th, 2012, the official website of MBC sageuk The Moon that Embraces the Sun published the interview of Kim Soo Hyun who plays the role of Lee Hwon in the drama.

Kim Soo Hyun who was praised for performing well in the cry scenes of The Moon that Embraces the Sun especially in the scene when meeting with Princess Min Hwa (Nam Bo Ra) to find out the true story behind the death of Yeon Woo (Kim Yoo Jung) said, “Although it’s just an acting, the heart is really hurt during the shooting.”

He continued, “Recently there are a tearful scenes with Princess Min Hwa in the drama, it’s hard, have to suppress the feelings in the heart during acting, really very painful and suffering.”

Watch video clip of the interview and behind the scene of the filming of the cry scene: