Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In finally stage the kiss scene.

The still photos that were released on February 28th, 2012 for MBC hit drama The Moon Embracing the Sun show that Yeon Woo who is wearing the cute hair accessory and gorgeous hanbok is having a date with Hwon in the study room. They exchange hairpins to confirm their hearts to each other and display the affectionate look of the twos.

The immersive expression into his role by Kim Soo Hyun is particularly eye-catching. He silently looks at Yeon Woo who is reading, can’t help but reveal the love and miss for her for the last 8 years, touching the hearts. When Han Ga In knows the true meaning of the phoenix hairpin that was exchange when childhood, she unable to restrain and burst into a rage of tears, moving the whole production team on the scene.

Especially on the day of shooting, the acting of Kim Soo Hyun gazing eyes were superb. The appearance of Kim Soo Hyun who looks at Yeon Woo who is reading book is impressive. The acting of Han Ga In has also won the praises of staff crews.

The crew said, “To use eyes’ expression to express the lines, it’s really good,” “The romantic terminator in the drama!” “If the shooting like today can continue going forward, there is no problem with staying up all night!” and so on.

A person related to the broadcast on the scene said, "The two persons who always end up with short moment of encounter, have let audience feels sorry and sympathize, the spring of Yeon Woo-Hwon couple is finally arrived. For all episodes aired so far, the scenes broadcast in this episode are comparatively warm scenes," heighten the anticipation of viewers towards episode 18.

via TVDaily