Kim Soo Hyun & Han Ga In Not Communicate in Early Stage of TMTETS

In the April 5th, 2012’s broadcast of tvN variety show Live Talk Show Taxi, Kim Soo Hyun talked about the behind the scene stories when the actors were filming The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

The program touched on the famous scene of “the king looks for Yeon Woo.” In the drama, Han Ga In looks at Kim Soo Hyun and said, “Is this real? Is this not a mirage, is this the real Your Majesty?” Kim Soo Hyun recalled the scene and said, “At that time, the eyes filled with tears, if it’s not sister Han Ga In, others may not able to do that.”

Later Kim Soo Hyun was asked, “Facing the wife of Yeon Jung Hoon, Han Ga In, were you having difficulty to immerse into the drama?” Kim Soo Hyun, “During filming, rarely had such scruples. Two of us are introverted, very awkward in the beginning. We rarely spoke with each other, while shooting, couldn’t sleep well, couldn’t eat well, after suffering a lot of hardship together, our relationship gradually become natural.”

Finally, Kim Soo Hyun, said, “I cried after the shooting. Clear up the emotions. During shooting, really deeply in love wit her.”

The host also asked, “Did you see Han Ga In as the Wol in the drama during shooting?” Kim Soo-hyun said, “We also joked during shooting.”


One response to “Kim Soo Hyun & Han Ga In Not Communicate in Early Stage of TMTETS”

  1. chaisy595 Avatar

    KSH brought fiction King Hwon’s to life,he’s is an amazing actor during shooting he does not see himself KSH but as King Hwon’s and Han Ga In’s not a married woman but his long lost lover the Crown princess.
    He emerged himself so much in King Hwon’s character I think he has to take sometime to shake of King Hwon character from real life.

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