Kim Soo Hyun & Kim Min Seo Consummate Let Han Ga-in In Tears

Wol (Han Ga IN) is shedding tears uncontrollably after learning that Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) is going to sleep with Bo Kyung (Kim Min Seo) to consummate their marriage.

In the episode 12 of MBC drama The Moon Embracing the Sun broadcast on February 9th, 2012, Wol who heard about the news of Hwon and Bo Kyung in consummation, decides to accept the suggestion of Yang Myung, and leaves with him.

Bo Kyung believes that Hwon has been reluctant to accept her because he still cannot forget Yeon Woo who passed away 8 years ago. And she happens to hear that the shaman who serves as good luck charm besides Hwon looks like Yeon Woo, and then as an excuse, determines to consummate with Hwon.

On the day of consummation, Wol’s tears is flowing unstoppable when facing the Hwon’s sleeping chamber. Although she knows that Hwon is searching for a deceased person from 8 years ago from her, but she cannot denies her love to him.

But at this time, Yang Myung who appears confesses “I love you” to Wol. And he suggests Wol to “escape from the chaos at present, leaves with me.” The scene of Yang Myung saying the similar words to young Yeon Woo before she participation in selection of crown princess appeared before the eyes of Wol, and because of words of Yang Myung, the three persons officially fall into love triangle.

On another side, Lee Hwon asks Bo Kyung, “If you cannot get my heart, then even if only my body, you also want it?” and frivolously hugs her.

The anfractuosity relationship and change of feelings between Hwon, Wol, Yang Myung and Bo Kyung is attracting attention.

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  1. ayuqie Avatar

    Gosh..i really cry by seeing Wol eye tear up..Lee Hwon..can’t you see..its your crown princess, Yeon U…really breaking my heart…aiyya..don’t u consummate,poor Yeon U…

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