Although convinced that Kim Soo Hyun will be popular overnight, but his such a rapid rise is still surprising. Currently, the “super star” Kim Soo Hyun is making a lot of the same age actor both envy and nervous.

– Acting Skill Triple Jump From “Will It Snow For Christmas?” to “The Moon that Embraces the Sun

The Moon that Embraces the Sun (TMTETS) has its ratings hit as high as 40%. With the climbing of ratings, related censures and topics are also increasing. Talking about TMTETS when meeting people, surf about TMTETS when going online, the care of people towards The Moon that Embraces the Sun naturally will not be lack of Kim Soo Hyun. Speaking of Kim Soo Hyun a lot of people in unison.

The audience is touched and full of praise when seeing the acting of Kim Soo Hyun who tears are full on his face while saying “cannot remember the handwriting of Yeon Woo anymore.” They completely immerse in the role in the drama. May be some people might ask, “This actor come out of nowhere?” But Kim Soo Hyun is distinctive since childhood. If someone remember Kim Soo Hyun who plays the role of Cha Kang Jin in the TV series “Will It Snow For Christmas?”, the popularity of Kim Soo Hyun is completely predictable.

Although the expression in the eyes is cold and arrogant but infinitely gentle causing the fans to fall for him, Kim Soo Hyun achieved further growth via drama series “Giant,” and through “Dream High,” he displayed the mature acting and good ability in sing and dance.

– Performance by Heart in The Moon that Embraces the Sun Is Perfect

Kim Soo Hyun explained the personality of the character as “as cheerful as possible to Yeo Jin Goo who played the role of young Lee Hwon, admirable. Kim Soo Hyun fully analyzed the entire flow of the drama and characteristics of the role, leaving behind the young actor who just read the script that appeared in front.

Kim Soo Hyun turned the drama series Dream High that depicts the innocent idol love story into a breathtaking romantic drama, and transformed “The Moon Embracing the Sun” to “The Sun Embracing the Moon,” all these rewriting are by virtue of the superior acting of Kim Soo-hyun.

Facing the ministers with angry face shows the wisdom and courage of a king, but once think about the crown princess who passed away 8 years ago, he is sorrowful till face is covered with tears. In the palace that does not have a single loyal official that can be trusted, because of the yearning day and night for the deceased crown princess, the lonely king is captivated once he saw the shaman Wol, but because of been the king, he can only turns around, secretly wiping away his tears.

Kim Soo Hyun is actually able to perfectly display such a multitude of complex situation and the wonderful feelings. Before able to stand as an actor, most top stars have to go through some challenges on acting. However, Kim Soo Hyun has successfully passed the test and gained the recognition of the audience. But there are very few of the same-age actors who has such a mature acting ability.

Kim Soo Hyun can become a successful “star of dragon” because he has endless development possibilities. Kim Soo Hyun who is only 25 years old but has received enthusiastic audience acclaim, his “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” is just a start. When the movie “The Thieves” premieres, no one can predict his popularity will go to what extent.

On the production press conference of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun, he shouted to many senior actors “believe me” confidently, and with singing ability that not inferior to acting, temperament, allowed Kim Soo Hyun to be the most dazzling, the most brilliant among the many young actors.

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