On October 5th, 2011, Korean actress Kim Sun Ah wrote on her me2day account, “Hi everybody, are you having a lot of curiosity on actress Kim Sun Ah? Just leave your message here to ask me questions. Among the questions, I will choose some to reply them directly. But please only post questions with good sense.”

Many fans posted messages with questions, and among the fans is actor Lee Dong Wook, who was the partner of Kim Sun Ah in Scent of a Woman. Lee Dong Wook said in the message, “Oh, this kind of activity! Can I ask a question too? Do you remember any of my warm scent during the filming the drama? And what’s your opinion on my strength and my weakness when we’re shooting together? By the way, best wishes to your Fighting Spirit movie.”

Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook

After the question was posted for two days, Kim Sun Ah replied on October 7th, “Thank you Lee Dong Wook for your question! I’m a sensitive girl over scent, you always had great aroma even at dawn and after several days not going back home.” She continued, “Strength: You’re kind and caring about others. Weakness: Looks like there is none. But if I have to find one, then I would say that you’re kindhearted. Therefore, Lee Dong Wook is an charismatic guy with scent. So when are you going to watch Fighting Spirit?”

Netizens who saw the posts above commented in succession, “You guys are so cute,” “Lee Dong Wook is a gentlemen,” “Ah, true feeling,” “It’s good to see that you guys are keeping good relationship after the series,” and other responses.

Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook played as a couple in SBS’s Scent Of A Woman.

via TVReport