The moment Kim Yoo Jung was wearing hanbok and dancing electric slide dance was captured on camera.

On MBC TV’s A Good Day program broadcast on March 6th, 2012, the last filming of Kim Yoo Jung for The Moon Embracing the Sun was shown. In the scene, Kim Yoo Jung is having a conversation face to face with Han Ga In at Hidden Moon Court.

While on standby on the day, Kim Yoo Jing danced the electric slide to ease the sense of tension.

When the crew said about her, “Very forthright character,’ she signaled a confirmation, “Only a little wild nature. On the other side, I am very forthright and sincere.”

And Kim Yoo Jung also stressed on her femininity, she said, “Brother Yeo Jin Goo said I am like younger brother. But I am not a man, I also have the side of woman.”