On the afternoon of May 2nd, 2012, the appointment ceremony of honorary ambassador for South Korean youth was held in Seoul Baek Beom Kim Koo Memorial. Kim Yoo Jung and Lim Min Ho who become popular after starring in TV series “The Moon Embrace the Sun” were appointed as ambassador.

Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Min Ho who were selected by Ministry of Gender Equality & Family as the “2012 Youth Honorary Ambassador” will focus on promoting the youth policy issued by Ministry of Gender Equality & Family through shooting the promotional posters, starring in CF and other activities.


  • samantha cajes

    kim joo jung!!!>333 sooo cute^-^!!!!

  • samantha cajes

    awww’ kim joo jung! with lee min ho!!!!

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    حالم از این دختره ی نچسب بهم میخوره.میخوام بزنم لهش کنممممممممممم :@@@@@@