The self-shot photo of Kim Yoo Jung becomes a discussion topic.

Recently on an online discussion board, a daily life photo of Kim Yoo Jung, the popular young actress in MBC drama The Moon Embracing the Sun, was published, attracting attention.

In the photo, Kim Yoo Jung was playing with friends on snow and took photo together. Wearing a green jacket with collar up to her chin, Kim Yoo Jung was gazing at the camera with a watery eyes, exuding charming elegant demeanor. Particularly the long curly hair, revealing a young mature beauty, and the complete different atmosphere from when wearing hanbok in the drama.

Kim Yoo Jung

Netizens who saw the photos said, “Grow well, now already a beauty!” “Look very handsome!” “Really grown up,” and various other reactions.

On the other hand, Kim Yoo Jung is playing the role of Yeon Woo at her young age, receiving attention and gaining popularity.

via TVDaily