On the February 14th, 2012, Kim Yoo Jung, the actress who is playing the role of the young Yeon Woo in MBC drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun, specially starred in the Valentine’s Day special of MBC radio program Music Village, spending a sweet and happy Valentine’s Day with the listeners of the Music Village.

A video clip of relaxing “Yeon Woo” in the studio, and the mini interview with Kim Yoo Jung after the broadcast has been released by MBC. Here’s the English transcript of the content of the video.

Dear listeners and friends, I am Kim Yoo Jung who is playing the role of Yeon Woo in The Moon Embracing the Sun. I’m very glad to meet you.

Hello, everyone, I am Yeo Jin Goo who plays the role of crown prince Lee Hwon in The Moon Embracing the Sun. Because I particularly like to listen to music, so I always listen to radio program. The citizens of Music Village, may all your wishes come true in the Imjin year (the year of the 9th of the Heavenly Stems and the 5th of the Earthly Branches in Chinese lunar calendar, which starts from end January 2012 and lasts through end of February 2012). Also hope that you can support me. The above, is from the resident of Music Village, Yeo Jin Goo.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Yoo Jung in the rain

Q: What happen between you and “Hwon” after the end of the drama filming?
A: Brother Jin Goo simply never contact me after the end of the drama.

Q: Among “Hwon” and “Yang Myung,” who you will give chocolate to?
A: Not going to give brother Jin Goo, give brother Min Ho (laughs). Ah, just kidding. Just that… I hope to receive (chocolate).

Other friends have other agendas, also in the rest. Only I continue to make great efforts in shooting. Received the flowers, heard the congratulatory words for me. In fact, although I received flowers, but I always feel that it’s not over yet, always not having the real sense of already ended. However, the ratings now reach 40%. Starring in such a drama, and they always call me (to shoot), so very grateful.

Q: The filming of young Yeon Woo is not yet ended?
A: Yes. Yesterday was still in (shooting)… I do not know. The director said now it is not over yet, always say “see you next time, see you next time.”

Just now seemed to saw a question. Brother Soo Hyun was very taking care of me. So recently also received attention. The question that just came in said brother (Soo Hyun) hugged me, and they are every envy. I, because of been hugged, so the mood is very good. He really takes good care of me, yesterday also went to the set and met, also gave me a lot to eat.

Q: How about the surprise confession of Min Ho (Yang Myung)?
A: Brother Min Ho? Chocolate .. Never tell me in advance then confessed to me in other place. Keep me the party involved in the dark… Well, that… true heart… is certainly not sincere. It’s just a joke. But aren’t brother Min Ho said because he has a favorable feelings to me, but I does not contact him, so he is disappointed. But if he is sad just because of no contact, then he can just contact (me). It’s not not going to contact, I’m just waiting for it.

Yes, all viewers of The Moon that Embraces the Sun, now also looking at the news broadcast in parallel? In future I will always appear, so be sure to remember to stay tune. Thank you. Goodbye.