Late Night Hospital

Late Night Hospital

Late Night Hospital

Drama Title: Late Night Hospital
Korean Title: 심야병원
Revised Romanization: Simya Byeongwon
Also Known As: Night Hospital / Midnight Hospital
Previously Known As: Midnight Ward
Chinese Title: 深夜医院
Japanese Name: 深夜病院
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Episodes: 10
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: October 15 2011 – December 17 2011
Language: Korean
Air Time: Sunday 00:20 AM (Saturday 20 Minutes Past Midnight)

Plot Summary

The drama is about a surgeon doctor who lost his wife, and in order to catch his wife’s killer, he only opens the hospital at night.


Heo Joon (Yoon Tae-Young) is a doctor who is regarded as an authority on liver transplant. 3 years ago, his wife was killed by an unidentified man right in front of him. The case was unsolved and remains a mystery. Heo Joon became a suspect for the murder of his wife. A trial was held but acquitted him from the charge. Since then, Heo Joon has quit his job at the university hospital to pursue his wife’s killer.

Heo Joon is then offered the position of director for a late night hospital by Koo Dong-Man (Choi Jeong-Woo). Hong Na-Kyung (Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung) is a surgeon at Heo Joon’s clinic. Heo Joon takes the position in an effort to capture his wife’s killer.


Yoon Tae Young (윤태영) as Heo Joon (허준)
Ryu Hyun Kyung (류현경) as Hong Na Kyung (홍나경)
Yoo Yun Suk (유연석) as Yoon Sang Ho (윤상호)
Choi Jung Woo (최정우) as Koo Dong Man (구동만)
Kim Hee Won (김희원) as Choi Kwang Gook (최광국)
Baek Won Kil (백원길) as Kang Moo Sung (강무성)
Bae Seul Ki (배슬기) as Lee Kwang Mi (이광미)
Wang Bit Na (왕빛나) as Han Jae Hee (한재희)

Production Credits

Episode 1 & 2:
Director: Choi Eun Kyung (최은경)
Screenwriter: Lee Hyun Joo (이현주)

Episode 3 & 4:
Director: Kwon Sung Chang (권성창)
Screenwriter: Ko Jung Won (고정원)

Episode 5 & 6:
Director: Jung Ji In (정지인)
Screenwriter: Lee Ji Young (이지영)

Episode 7 & 8:
Director: Choi Joon Bae (최준배)
Screenplay Writer: Won Yeong-ok (원영옥)

Episode 9 & 10:
Director: Lee Jae Jin (이재진)
Screenplay Writer: Kim Hyeon-kyeong (김현경)

Episode Ratings (Ranking)

Date Episode Nationwide (TNmS) Seoul (TNmS) Nationwide (AGB Nielson) Seoul (AGB Nielson)
October 15 2011 1 4.9 5.9
October 22 2011 2 4.4
October 29 2011 3 3.6 4.6
5 November 2011 4 3.1 4.5
12 November 2011 5 3.3 3.7
19 November 2011 6 3.4 4.5
26 November 2011 7 4.1
3 December 2011 8 4.1 4.3
10 December 2011 9 3.5 4.4
17 December 2011 10 4.1

Source: TNmS and AGB Nielson


  • An omnibus drama created by 5 assistant directors who took charge of 2 episodes each.

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