Lee Bum Soo Holds Hong Soo Hyun to Run 100 Meters in Flames

On December 2nd, 2011, in an underground bunker in Busan, Lee Bum Soo (acts the role of Yoo Bang) and Hong Soo Hyun (acts the role of Woo Hee) were filming the explosion action scene for SBS’s Salaryman Chohanji.

The day’s shooting involved an action-packed scene of Jung Gyu Woon secretly sneaks into a medical research facility to try to steal confidential information, and Lee Bum Soo rescues Hong Soo Hyun from the exploding facility.

Under the man-made flames, Lee Bum Soo carried Hong Soo Hyun in his arms and ran for 100 meters in the bunker, with flames chasing after him. In order to make the scene more realistic, the producers installed natural gas bombs inside the bunker. As a precaution, an ambulance and two fire trucks were on standby.

Because it’s a very dangerous filming, Lee Bum Soo initially looked nervous, but after he adjusted his mentality and smiled in front of camera, he prepared calmly for the take. Rehearsal took place carefully beforehand. After five rehearsals, Lee Bum Soo started running with Hong Soo Hyun in his arms under direction of director Yoo In Sik.

But the filming did not go on smoothly. Turned out the four bombs that have to explode on two sides of Lee Bum Soo while he was running half way did not go off as planned. As such the scene had to be re-shot.

After the filming completed, the production team including Lee Bum Soo and Hong Soo Hyun gathered around the monitors to check out the scenes, and as soon as director Yoo gave the okay sign, everybody applauded as encouragement to each other.

Besides, according to the cinematographer Lee Gil Bok, the scene on the day was shot with Red One MX camera’s super-speed photography, so the change of expressions of running Lee Bum Soo and movement of flames can be observed in details.

Salaryman is a story of about love, passion and success ordinary wage earners through comedy method.

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