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Lee Ji Ah Gifts Down Jackets to Me Too, Flower Crews

Lee Ji Ah is giving out generous gift, she is sending production team of Me Too, Flower! 100 pieces of down jacket.

Korean actress is sending surprise gift to production crews of MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama series Me Too, Flower!

In order to reward staff crews who are working hard to film in the cold weather recently, Lee Ji Ah is gifting 100 pieces of down jackets as the gift for the staff crews at the shooting venue. Lee Ji Ah said, “The weather is so cold, seeing everything is working hard to produce good drama, letting me also forgets about tiredness.” She added, “I will do my best to convey the warm atmosphere on the filming scene to the viewers.”

The relevant person of agency company of Lee Ji Ah said, “Lee Ji Ah wants to express her gratitude to staff crews who let her concentrate on filming, so send down jackets as gift. The style was personally selected by Lee Ji Ah, taking into account both the ability to keep warm and also the fashion design.”

Lee Ji Ah

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    LJA is always generous to production crews. There was also a time that she gave pants? or Tshirt? I think,  which I had encountered an article long time ago when I scanned through the internet.

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