Lee Ji Ah Lacks Fluency in Shameless Image Initially

Lee Ji Ah is showing the shameless charm of Cha Bong Sun in “Me Too, Flower!“.

Lee Ji Ah is playing the role of a female patrol policewoman Cha Bong Sun who has deep hurt in heart and live a mean life, displaying an acting skill that is of different texture than normally.

The nitpick Cha Bong Sun is emitting a variety of charms through her outstanding beauty, the living attitude that is aggressive to the world, and funny encounters.

Lee Ji Ah said, “After premiere, the appraisal that left deepest impression on me is friend told me that I am like incompatible with Cha Bong Sun.”

When just started to plunge into the role, Lee Ji Ah expressed that it’s a little bit hard, “Cha Bong Sun is a person who is disregarded of other people’s feelings, straight talking, and do whatever she wants. But personally I think things thoroughly before doing anything. So at the beginning I was feeling very lacking in fluency.” But as the story unfolds, more and more of viewers are attracted by her unique charm.

Lee Ji Ah said, “Bong Sun is a character that I want to give her console and encouragement. I also hope to give more power of Bong Sun in the life through this role.”

In the fifth episode of November 23rd, 2011, Cha Bong Sun who is hurt by words of Seo Jae Hee (played by Yoon Shi Yoon) is showing psychological changes, and Jae Hee is becoming a suspect in a diamond theft scandal.





4 responses to “Lee Ji Ah Lacks Fluency in Shameless Image Initially”

  1. […] Lee Ji Ah Lacks Fluency in Shameless Image Initially […]

  2.  Avatar

    For me, LJAs acting as Cha Bong Suns’  is perfect. She totally depicts the character of  Cha Bong Sun, her inner and outer personality.Hope that Seo Jae Hee and Cha Bong Sun will be together at the end of the drama, not like her other dramas that she ended with nobody  except for her first movie. The production had really chosen the right person to act as CHB, and I love the script dialogue, it awesome and amazing and most of the feedback about the drama is that they find it entertaining and hilariously funny. The script writer is so talented, and I like this drama compared to his Kim Sam Soon story. The “Me Too Flower” has some points of moral values that we can learn and the story also focus on depression which also broadens the minds of some netizens, that it is not a deadly disease and is commonly  happened to any person especially who suffered from traumatic experienced. Depressed people should not be look down but rather to be pitied.

  3. cathy Avatar

    I like LJA’s acting too.  I also like the story – not too depressing like a thousand days promise.  the acting from all the actors are really good also, unlike in flower boy ramyun where the acting of the male and female leads overact a lot.  i find the story and acting in MTF just about right.

    @loujan1 “Depressed people should not be look down but rather to be pitied.” – i agree that depressed people should not be looked down on, but i do believe that they need more than pity – they need to be helped.

    1.  Avatar

      Yes, not only need to pitied but also to be helped through caring and loving that person.

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