Lee Ji Ah Wore Pajamas to Practice I’m a Flower Too Script

The look of actress Lee Ji Ah working hard to practice the script has been exposed.

On the morning of December 20th, 2011, the on the drama set photos of Lee Ji Ah where she was practicing the script when filming MBC’s Me Too, Flower (I’m a Flower Too) was been made public.

On the photos, Lee Ji Ah was wearing pink pajamas with little dots pattern, and looked at the script in the standby room. The expression that quickly immersed into the script also shown the many passion that Lee Ji Ah put into the project.

In the drama Lee Ji Ah is playing the role of Cha Bong Sun, a policewoman who is weak inside the heart, but full of aggressive actions and thorny words. A relevant person involved in the filming the drama series said, “Not only is Lee Ji Ah’s preparation is quite well before filming, at the filming set she never away from the script, rehearsing without stopping.”

Me Too, Flowers tells the story happened between Lee Ji Ah, Yoon Shi Yoon and Han Go Eun.

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    Julianne Ban

    where can i get the scripts?

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