Lee Jin: FinKL is Happy Memory, Actress for Life is the Dream

She used to be an “idol.” In 1990s, the pop girl band Fin.K.L was the four angels in the heart of men. Now there are many girl bands are carving up the “hearts of men,” but at that time, there was “only” FinKL and SES.

From 2000s onwards, they started to walk their own ways. Lee Hyori becomes singer, Ock Joo Hyun becomes musical actress, while Sung Yuri and Lee Jin started to go down the path of becoming actress. When comparing with others, for unknown reason Lee Jin does not cut a figure. But her passion to acting is just as hot as her dream to become a lifetime actress. In the afternoon of November 23rd, Lee Jin was interviewed by Star News.

Lee Jin is recently acting in KBS 2TV’s Glory Jane (Man of Honor), playing the role of Cha Hong Joo. Her acting of “cool city girl” has attracted the attention of viewers. And she is actively taking initiative to court Young Kwang (played by Chun Jung Myung), it’s an appearance that cannot be seen on Lee Jin previously, and is the acting transformation after she made up her mind.

– Active character in Glory Jane, “love in reality is passive”

“Because it’s the first time I tried this kind of role, so initially there was much burden, but after acting I feel it’s very interesting, feel that it’s a role that is very charming. Cha Hong Joo has a lot of differences with me. I am passive to love, but Cha Hong Joo is active. Very interesting, and very satisfying.”

She said because of not having experience of “actively loving,” so PD Lee Jung-seob gave a lot of help. She said, “I am currently devoted in acting the content of the script, PD gave me a lot of help” The words showed a feeling of gratitude. And the Chun Jung Myung whom she loved in the drma also gave a lot of help. “Care a lot of the actresses, the only one that same age so it’s comfortable when acting, ah, the only one actor who said something not respectable on the set. On the other hand, Lee Jang Woo whom I don’t have much cooperation with always say respectable words.” (laugh)

Lee Jin debuted officially on the acting career through 2002’s situation drama “Nonstop 3.” Until now it’s already 10 years of acting.

“There was gap in between. So to say that it’s 10 years of acting is a little bit (laugh). I have impatience disease, the kind of character that is more urgent. Will only feel more comfortable after quickly completing the tasks. Previously when acting also had impatient disease, want to quickly find the feel. Although now I can’t say I no longer have impatient disease, but it’s the fact that I am more relaxed now. With the 10 years of acting experience I am now finding the image the belongs to myself. Clear my mind, relaxing a little bit but can concentrate even better.”

– “Always meet with members of Fin.K.L, who will get married first?”

The members of Fin.K.L is her confidants that she appreciated. Although the ground has been disbanded, but they will meet to greet and exchange recent news. Chit chatting until doesn’t know how time passed. “Previously whenever talking about “Lee Jin of FinKL” I would felt a bit burdensome, I used to try to get rid of the image, but now I already not so care about it, instead I am appreciative that it gave me a good image. When the members met we always talk about this.”

Their recent topic is “marry.”

“Actually very curious who will get married first, but this is unpredictable. Haha. If according to sequence then should be elder sister (Lee Hyori, 32) to first marry, but there is a lot of cases where the smallest (Sung Yu Ri, 30) first married. We’re very curious too. Although we have arranged among ourselves, but it’s a secret. Haha.”

Lee Jin said, “My ideal type is a person that can understand me and has intelligent, wants to marry with a person that is like a friend and also like a brother.” Of course, she expressed that she currently does not in a relationship.

– “Jealous of current idols who simultaneously sing and act, want to be remembered as “lifetime actress”

Transitioned from pop girl band to actress, Lee Jin is very envy of junior idol groups who do both singing and acting together.

“Very jealous! In the past, idols like me always have the view based on first impressions are firmly entrenched, that what for for a singer to act. But now it’s not the same, can act and sing together, very jealous that they are living in a good environment.”

Lee Jin who is entering 30 years old said, “Want to grab my position among the 30s actors, does not green, just want to act the show I liked, and act happily.”

“As always, my aim is modest life, want to hear others said “no change.” With the passing of time, if everybody can remember “actress Lee Jin” then it will be great.”

via Star News





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    i dunno how many times i’ve said this. but everytime i see her, she’s so beautiful, exquisite, stunning, lovely, …i won’t run out of words. lol

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