When mentioned about The King, it has to be mentioned that the gap between Lee Seung Gi and his role, Lee Jae Ha, is disappearing.

In the episode 4 of The King 2 Hearts broadcast on March 29th, 2012, the nuisance move by Lee Seung Gi caused the North Korean officer Lee Kang Sik to grab him by the neck collar. When confronting with North Korean officers, he fired a shot to Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) in an explosive situation. Lee Seung Gi displays the contrast between the pole and polar.

In the drama, because of the North-South confrontation, Kim Hang Ah sincerely advised him, “Trust me, evacuate quickly.” Lee Jae Ha said, “Couldn’t I go to washroom?” Looking at Ha Ji Won who put down the guy, Lee Seung Gi trusted her and followed her. But once the door is opened, he saw that he is surrounding by North Korean army officers. The trust to Ha Ji Won is broken. In the eyes’ expression to Ha Ji Won, there is no slight trace of imperfection.

At this time, the expression acting of Lee Seung Gi is shining. Lee Seung Gi who has always believed in Ha Ji Won felt that he has been cheated, he points his gun to Ha Ji Won while saying ‘until the end you.’ Because of the betrayal of Ha Ji Won, his eyes are full of tears, and after firing the shot to Ha Ji Won, he points the guy to his head. Facing with many soldiers in front of him, he looks at everything in front of him with unwavering eyes. Lee Seung Gi uses expression to portray the sense of tension and unease felt by Lee Jae Ha.

Lee Jae Kang who heard that Lee Jae Ha shot Kim Hang Ah reprimands Lee Jae Ha. In the conversation scene with Lee Jang Kang, Lee Jae Ha expressed his feeling of nursing a grievance, “This is a war situation, if it’s brother, can you face it normally? Everywhere there are guns pointing at me,” showing the tension between idealist elder brother and realism younger brother Lee Jae Ha.