Lee Seung Gi Perfect Personal Show in The King

In the episode 4 of The King 2 Hearts, Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) fired a shot at Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) in the final evaluation of WOC, making the site into a scorched-earth.

In fact, the final evaluation that is done in North Korea, is planned by South Korean king Lee Jae Kang without the knowledge of members of the South and North Korea. The unexpected strike of South Korea and break out of North Korea, causing the trust between both side of players to fell to rock-bottom, and they confront each other with guns. Lee Jae Ha even makes a mockery of the North Korean colleagues.

Lee Jae Ha who has deep suspicion, does not trust the words of Kim Hang Ah that they’ve to lead away to protect them. After Lee Jae Ha expressed that he won’t leave with them, Kim Hang Ah who received the order to lead South Korean team members out of North Korea in 20 minutes is forced to pull out the guy.

The hostile sense of Lee Jae Ha in fact goes without saying. He’s surrounded by enemies. Not only North Korea, but also includes citizens of his own country. Although has been contending against, but he is badly bruised.

In order to escape North Korean colleagues who want to take them away as soon as possible, Lee Jae Ha and Eun Si Kyung go to washroom. The scene of Lee Jae Ha trembling while washing the hand, unfolding before one’s eyes the uneasiness of his heart.

Of course the thing is over quickly. He fires a shot at Kim Hang Ah because of lack of trust, and has to bow his head to apologize, the North-South team dissolves, all things are own making of Lee Jae Ha.

What seizing the vision of the audience the most, is Lee Jae Ha who braces himself up gradually. Almost 80% of episode 4 is Lee Jae Ha. With this episode, Lee Seung Gi who plays the role of Lee Jae Ha has displayed the overwhelming acting that cannot be ignored, strengthening his position.

Getting into trouble, resolving the trouble, is Lee Jae Ha one person. This is the 72 minutes forged for him, and Lee Seung Gi displays a perfect one-man show with Ha Ji Won as the dependable background.

His acting has gone to the point where the audience wants to swear. The audience said that they felt like watching Lee Seung Gi starring in the movie.

Audience commented, “Handsome,” “If it’s me, I will fall in love with Kim Hang Ah instantly,” “Ah, the time flies past, too fascinated,” “This episode is perfect, goes to sleep with happy mood,” and so on.

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2 responses to “Lee Seung Gi Perfect Personal Show in The King”

  1. sam Avatar

    amazing amazing drama. LSG has indeed grown by leaps and bounds

  2. Jaefamo Avatar

    fall in love with LSG acting on K2H ^^
    LSG HJW K2H fighting!!

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