Actor Lee Seung Gi displays his solid body with full body swimsuit.

Lee Seung Gi is showing a full body swimsuit fashion in episode 3 MBC’s The King 2 Hearts that is broadcasting on March 28th, 2012. Lee Seung Gi has been humble and doesn’t like to show off his body with strong muscle, but his fans can finally appreciate the hot body of Lee Seung Gi in episode 3. His broad shoulders, tall body, and his sculpture-like fine muscle, will sure ignite the screen.

On February 25th, 2012, when Lee Seung Gi who wore a full body swimsuit appeared at filming set in a swimming pool at Gangwon-do, the vision of production crews instantly locked on him. Everyone’s attention is focused on Lee Seung Gi and his body with distinctive curve.

The representative of Kim Jong Hak Production company said, "Lee Seung Gi perfectly interprets the eloquent and reckless prince Lee Jae Hak, and is regarded as having 200% synchronization rate with the depiction of prince's personality. The gorgeous smile always on his face also brings source of strength to every production crews."

via TV Report