Characters description for various roles in Live in Style Korean drama, together with the name of actor or actress who plays the character:

Mo Sung Ae (acted by Lee Hyo Choon)

Lee Hyo Choon

66 years old. Similar to the meaning of the name, she is a mother who sacrifices for children the whole life. Without husband, the maternity love allows her to maintain a restaurant alone and raise 5 children in tough condition. Her husband was having affair long time ago, and started another family. They have not contacted each other for a long time. Have cheerful and humor personality, a little commoner who speaks a little dirty words, is a typical mother. Jo Yong Pal is waiting for her throughout his life, and even proposes to her. But at this time, he finds out that she has an incurable illness.

Na Dae Ra (played by Son Hyun Joo)

Son Hyun Joo

41 years old. Feel burdensome of sense of responsibility and burden as the eldest son. But is very filial respect to his mother. Because of his situation, he has to push the responsibility to take care of mother to his sister Ah Ra, and he is feeling very guilty for it. Dreamed to be a teacher since young, and managed to be a mathematics teacher. Is kind-hearted, well-behaved, but occasionally gets furious if cross his limit. His wife is not happy with him always taking care of everything in the house.

Nam Eun Jung (played by Choi Soo Rin)

Choi Soo Rin

Wife of Na Dae Ra, 37 years old. She grew up without experience hardship in wealthy family. She falls in love with her teacher, Na Dae Ra, and take initiative to propose to him. But after marrying her husband, she becomes the eldest daughter-in-law in a poor family, and has lots of difficulties or troubles that she is reluctant to mention. Although respectful husband always follows her wishes, but the hardship causes her to become more realistic and indifferent.

Na No Ra (acted by Kim Hee Jung)

Kim Hee Jung

37 years old, second daughter of Mo Sung Ae. Is the initiator of quarrel at home, nobody likes her appearance. She lives on in her own intense and passionate way, and does not consider other’s opinion. But, deep inside her heart there is a wound. During high school, her mother is in deep depression after her father was having affair, and she had to take care of the family on behalf of her mother, and eventually run away from home when she could no longer bear with her siblings. Hangs around bars and pubs, innocent and childish, lives the lowest class of life.

Na Ah Ra (acted by Yoon Se In with artist name of Kim Ji Soo)

Yoon Se In / Kim Ji Soo

31 years old, forth daughter of Mo Sung Ae. Study hard under difficult environment to graduate from the university. After graduation she works in MD online shopping site. But she is tied by series of problems of foster family and the marriage problem with Choi Shin Hyung. All money earned is spent on family, is the actual head of the family, handle all family issues. Intend to continue to take care of her mother after marriage, but the family of her boyfriend of 7 years in the same company is rejecting their marriage. The hesitation of Shin Hyung causes the marriage to be delayed again and again. When she has relationship issue with Choi Shin Hyung, another good man Jo Eun Geol appears. However, the only one whom she loved inside her heart is the one who brings joys and also worries to her, that’s Choi Shin Hyung. When looking the the man she deeply loved became gradually mature and responsible, she feels very pleased.

Na Joo Ra (played by Choi Woo Shik)

Choi Woo Shik

20 years old, fifth son of Mo Sung Ae. A repeat student. During high school he has an alias of boxing champion, quite famous. His famous quote is live in style, die in style. Not interesting in study, is rebellious and talks with fists. Always goes in and out of police station, worrying his mother and Ah Ra. Inside the hear know her mother is caring of him, though not expressed explicitly, deeply loving his mother.

Chun Yun Duk (played by Park Jung Soo)

Park Jung Soo

Mother of Choi Shin Hyung. Although has been 66 years old, but she still has passion for love and does not forget the fact that she is a woman, a typical princess type. Always does what she wants, and care of her more than her son. Is a selfish and unintelligent mother. Fond of Jo Yong Pal.

Choi Shin Hyung (acted by Ki Tae Young)

Ki Tae Young

31 years old, son of Chun Yun Duk. Highly adaptable, can always resolve problems in adverse circumstances or conflicts. But if he lie, it will be exposed soon as he is not a good cheater. Simple and has a sense of humor, is a good man. In love relationship with Na Ah Ra for 7 years, and similar to most guys who reach marriageable age, is scared of marriage. When another man appears beside Ah Ra, he realizes his deep love for Ah Ra. Initially he appears as indecisive, but in fact inside his heart is very decisive and intelligent, and he gradually becomes independent, mature and responsible. Always helping people around to solve problems and conflicts. Is a central figure who brings joys and hope to everybody.

Choi So Hyung

27 years old, daughter of Yun Duk. Complete different with Na Ah Ra, she does not have a stand, also depends on her mother. Does whatever mother tells her to.

Choi Goo Hyung

38 years old, step brother of Shin Hyung. Hurt when not been treated good by step-mother when young, and hence does not have good relationship with children of step-mother.

Jo Yong Pal (acted by No Joo Hyun)

No Joo Hyun

Retired as vice president, having been promoted from a service staff to manager. Although he is currently the security guard for a residential building, he is handsome and humor. And as he exercises regularly, his body figure is good too. Has urgent and passionate personality, somewhat aggressive. But in love, he is a pure-hearted man who knows only one woman.

Jo Jin Sang

39 years old, eldest son of Yong Pal. Is not responsible even though already married with 2 kids. Everybody playing games, when gets money from wife will go to cybercafe. Because he doesn’t like to work, causing his father have to bear with the complaint from his wife.

Lee Hae Shim

44 years old, wife of Jo Jin Sang. Sole bread earner for the family, but is selfish on the matter of remarry of her father.

Shin Ki Han (acted by Oh Dae Gyu)

Oh Dae Gyu

Developing romantic relationship with Na No Ra, and gradually becomes a member of Mo Sung Ae’s family. Similar to Na No Ra, is a trouble maker. When young, he was sent to orphan home, but ran away during secondary school. Works for loan shark, but dreams of becoming a boss of cyber cafe.

Jo Eun Geol (acted by Ko Se Won)

Ko Se Won

A humane doctor with ability and care for the patients. Confident in everything, has free-spirited personality. Is a popular man for opposite sex. Meet Na Ah Ra in an accident. Already divorced with a kid belonged to ex-wife.