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The 3rd OST (original soundtrack) for SBS drama series “Rooftop Prince” is released on April 27th, 2012.

The Rooftop Prince OST part 3 can be considered as a mini-album as it contains a whopping 10 tracks, with 5 songs and 5 tracks which are instrumental version of the songs.

The 4th track in Rooftop Prince OST part 3 has the tile of “Love is Difficult” (사랑은 어려워).

“Love is Difficult” is sang by Twilight (트와일라잇).

Rooftop Prince OST Part 3 Track List

  1. After a Long Time (한참 지나서) – Jo Eun
  2. Even Under Any Sky (어느 하늘 아래 있어도) – Park Ki Young
  3. Andante – JeaːN
  4. Love is Difficult (사랑은 어려워) – Twilight
  5. Shine (비춰줄께) – Kilgu & Bong-gu
  6. After a Long Time (한참 지나서) – Inst.
  7. Even Under The Sky (어느 하늘 아래 있어도) – Inst.
  8. Andante – Inst.
  9. Love is Difficult (사랑은 어려워) – Inst.
  10. Shine (비춰줄께) – Inst.

Listen to Love is Difficult (사랑은 어려워) at YouTube.