The seed of love slowly blossomed between Lee Gak and Park Ha.

In the Rooftop Prince episode 7 broadcast on April 12th, 2012, Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) gently console the weeping Park Ha (Han Ji Min), and the love between two persons gradually began to be initiated.

When Lee Gak learned that Park Ha keep the photo which the position of her mother has been torn, he bring along Park Ha to Chuncheon where the family portrait was taken to look back the memories. In Chuncheon, they play and pillow fight like children, however, Park Ha eventually sheds tears because of memory of her unfortunate memories. Lee Gak gently wipe the tears of the Park Ha, comforting her and saying gently, “Do not cry, from now on, you will only have happy memories.”

Then they take a bus ride home. Lee Gak lets Park Ha leaning on his shoulder, both showing a happy smile, a slight sense of love developed between them. But until now Lee Gak has not completely forgotten about the Crown Princess, and the change of his feelings become a major attraction of the future story.