No Lee Hwon Without Kim Soo Hyun

Actor Kim Soo-hyun has grown as an actor in a leap forward step.

In the episode 16 of The Moon Embracing the Sun broadcast on February 23rd, 2012, Hwon (played by Kim Soo Hyun) finally knows the truth of Wol (played by Han Ga In) is actually Yeon Woo after careful investigation and frankness of state shaman Jang (played by Jun Mi Sun).

Lee Hwon who has always thought that Yeon Woo has passed away, is shedding tears as he recalls what has he done to Wol in the past after discovered that Yeon Woo is actually Wol who is beside him.

Lee Hwon’s both knees kneel to the ground, burst into tears, eunuch Hyung Sun (played by Jung Eun Pyo) also stands behind him and cries together. The sobbing of Hwon who is full of sadness is depicting even more the heart wrenching love between him and Wol.

Kim Soo Hyun who debuted in 2007 by virtue of MBC comedy “Kimchi Cheese Smile.” This time, he is showing a different, more mature side through “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” unlike Song Sam Dong in KBS drama “Dream High.” He expresses the rich feelings for the sorrowful love that dramatize the sadness, and also displays the image of an iron hand in a velvet glove of a young king that does not waver by his subjects, perfectly demonstrating his acting skills.

Viewers also praises his excellent acting generously, “Kim Soo Hyun is really impressive.”

Particularly worth mentioning is that The Moon Embracing the Sun is the first historical sageuk drama of Kim Soo Hyun since his debut. So, the audience had both expectation and worry on his acting in the beginning, but he uses the lifelike acting to prove his strength. This point has added a lot of glory and bonus points to him.

In addition, Yeo Jin Goo who plays the role of Lee Hwon during his childhood period had left a very deep impression on the viewers in the beginning, and it gave a huge burden and pressure to the adult actors who debut in the later stage. But Kim Soo Hyun is attracting the audience’s attention solely via acting, winning the love of audience.

It can be said that if the actor who plays Lee Hwon is not Kim Soo Hyun, but is other actor, then there won’t be such performance. Lee Hwon exists for Kim Soo Hyun, and only Kim Soo Hyun can portray the love of Lee Hwon that is sad and painful.

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  1. mcshonly Avatar

    i agree,no lee hwon without kim soo hyun

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