MBC drama series The Moon Embracing the Sun broadcast of February 15th, 2012 achieved the highest ever viewership ratings for the series, which hit 38.4%, firmly ranks at the top of chart for most viewed TV series among programs broadcast at the same slot.

The ratings of The Moon that Embraces the Sun have stuck at 37.1% for recent three episodes, and was once questioned as encountering a bottleneck, but as the story increasingly tension, the ratings again showing a rising trend.

Since Queen Seondeok three years ago, the ratings for all TV series from MBC had not exceeded 40%. Therefore, whether The Moon Embracing the Can can exceed 40% is becoming the focus of attention.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Especially the ratings for KBS2 weekend TV series Ojakgyo Brothers have also been hovering around 35%, and with Ojakgyo Family drama is welcoming its final episode on February 19th, 2012, people is increasingly paying attention to if both or any of them can successfully exceed 40%.

Ojakgyo Family

A person related to drama production said, “The ratings for episode 56 of Ojakgyo Family broadcast on February 12th, 2012 increased by 5.5% to 34.9%, setting its own highest ratings yet. Although both dramas is broadcast at different time slot, but both TV stations is secretly engaged in a heated contest.”