In Dream High 2, Tara’s Park Jiyeon has perfectly portrayed the bad shoddy acting of idols, conversely, proving her acting skills.

The KBS2 TV Monday and Tuesday drama series Dream High 2 that debuted on January 30th, 2012 broadcast the scene of idol Ryan (Park Ji Yeon) having a hard time acting.

As the member of 3-member pop girl group, she is trying to debut in acting, but she can’t improved on her acting, and making the crews who worked together felt tired.

On the day’s program, the first scene was playing the role of Hye Min for tacit cooperation with Kim Soo Hyun who made cameo appearance as Sam Dong from Dream High, but when came to the scene to shed tears, she couldn’t get any tears dropped. The director blamed, “Are you so tired? Must have some emotion.” The shooting was delayed by Ryan, and Kim Soo Hyun showed helpless expression.

Then she practiced individually in the practice room. She who held a toy sword to practice historical drama said, “Want to let a martial arts practitioner to teach me martial arts.” At this time, JB saw Ryan who is practicing sincerely alone.

In the day’s program, the scenes of Ryan is not much, but because of unique role of acting idol, she left deep impression to viewers.

After the broadcast, the audience commented on bulletin board, “The scene of Jiyeon playing the lousy idol acting is very interesting,” “Jiyeon is a character that the share is shorter, but the proportion is higher, looking forward to the development,” “The acting of the acting idol in the drama is very good,” and so on.