The inseparable love even for 1mm gap between Park Min Young and Chun Jung Myung in the elevator let the viewers heart wrenching.

In the episode 16 of Glory Jane broadcast on December 1st, 2011, the sweet love between Yoon Jae In and Kim Young Kwang started.

On the day, Young Kwang and Jae In were in the same elevator while on the way to work. Jae In saw the atrocities Young Kwang suffered from Seo Jae Myung’s side, facing with resignation crisis.

Man of Honor Scenes

Jae In and Young Kwang crossed their fingers and clasped each other tightly, Young Kwang said to magnificent Jae In, “Yes, Know. You’re very tired now. Even if so you must believe that we will be fine. It does not matter, I believe will win. Now no matter what happens I will by your side protecting you.”

Even though it’s just a brief encounter, Young Kwang also left a small note in the hand of Jae In. On it, he wrote, “Don’t be discouraged. Cheer.”

The look of inseparable Young Kwang and Jae In in the crisis stimulate the audience’s feelings.

On the other hand, Jae In is confused about the death of alive of her biological mother, and the continuing story is attracting attention.