Park Min Young Dance Cutely in School Uniform

In Glory Jane (Man of Honor), Park Min Young is ascending to the throne of “dance goddess” with the retro 80’s “Disco Parade.”

In the fifth episode of Glory Jane aired on October 26th, 2011, Park Min Young was appearing in youthful look by wearing high school uniform couple with braided pigtail hair, displaying the symbol of disco dance – “bayonet dance hot war.” Fresh and bright smile was mixing with delicate dance parade, allowing the cuteness of Park Min Young to explode, and bring fresh joy to the audience.

On October 17th, 2011 at Gongseri Catholic Church of Chungcheongnam-do, Park Min Young immediately displayed her unique sunny smile after director shouted “cue!” At the same time, she pointed finger to the sky, and started to dance wildly. Park Min Young danced naturally without hesitation, as if prepared beforehand, and was warming up the atmosphere of filming venue.

Park Min Young cut short her hair for the drama and shows up with fresh image of short hair. However, in order to reflect the braided pigtail hair on both sides that unique to high school students, Park Min Young returned to long hair appearance though hair extension. Once entering the filming set, production crews said, “Your skin feels like more and more whitish like a baby! Are you really 20 plus years old? Now you looks completely like a high school student,” the praises were endless.

Prior to this, Park Min Young has monopolized the care of crews and senior actors with her unique lovely coquetry and lively character. On normal days, she not only always greets staff crews cordially, but also treats everybody warmly and amiably. Such charm of Park Min Young can hardly stop people from loving her.

Park Min Young talked about her feeling, “Yoon Jae In who is always bright and positive thinking has a lot if similarity with me, so I can interpret the character more naturally. Unlike Kim Na Na in City Hunter, Yoon Jae In has her own unique charm of happiness. Everybody is filming hard, so hope that viewers can look forward to the drama.”

Representative of production team Kim Jeong Hook said, “Yoon Jae In in the drama and Park Min Young have a lot of similarities and conformity. When Park Min Young smiles briskly, the shooting scene will become the sea of laughters. When Park Min Young cries, the whole shooting venue will fall into silence. The charm of Park Min Young is getting more and more conform with the character of Yoon Jae In, and continuously improve the quality of the TV series.”

Glory Jane which had aired four episodes has been breaking own ratings record, in addition the ratings have also been increasing at an alarming rate, and then debut of Lee Moon Shik also make the plot more interesting and for viewers to look forward to.

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