On the informal press conference of Glory Jane held on the night of November 3rd, 2011 at Cheongju City Hall, Park Min Young gave the answer of “Please don’t ask questions outside of TV series, even if you ask I won’t answer them” when facing with a series of questions about boyfriend of Park Min Young, Lee Min Ho that threw by reporters to her.

Park Min Young

After the questions of reporters were ruthlessly refused, some reporters complained that since Park Min Young becomes famous, she has started to be a poser and throws around celebrity’s hauteur, no longer entertaining the questions of reporters and etc. For this, Park Min Young revealed her thoughts, “After my relationship with Lee Min Ho is made public, I am like suddenly becomes focus of media spotlight. No matter going out, filming or shopping, even every moves in life, are exposed to the public through the lens of reporters, as if I no longer have any privacy. Withal, I am very tired and helpless. Everybody only focuses on our love, but neglects the things related to my acting career, so I don’t want to answer this kind of question in some cases.”