Park Yoochun As Adorable As Children

On May 15th, 2012, the official website of SBS TV series “Rooftop Prince” published the post with the title of “Your Majesty who is addicted to yogurt, drinking excessive lactobacillus!?” and at the same time uploaded 4 behind the scene photos.

The photos are from a scene in episode 8 aired on April 12th, 2012, where Lee Gak (played by JYJ Park Yoochun) who was wearing a black suit and black jean held stacks of yogurt carefully in his hands, and happily placed them in the shopping cart, astonished Park Ha (played by Han Ji Min) who was pushing the shopping cart. The series of lovely actions by Park Yoochun is very interesting.

The administrator who posted the thread also wrote, “Can still remember this scene? The day Park Ha and the gang of four shopped together! Your Majesty who loves yogurt bought a lot of yogurts. The happy smile of Your Majesty! Seeing Your Majesty who is happy like a kid, our mood also become sunny.”

Netizens commented, “Your Majesty who happy like a kid,” “How’s the taste of yogurt, is it sweet?” “The love of yogurt is really persistent,” “The happy look is so cute!” and so on.

Currently, Park Yoochun is starring in “Rooftop Prince” in the dual role of crown prince Lee Gak and Yong Tae Yong, the stable acting has been well liked by audience.

via TVDaily


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