Park Yoochun Devastated on the Death of Harem Jung Yoo Mi

Micky Park Yoochun is sobbing blankly on the royal concubine Jung Yoo Mi.

In the SBS’ Rooftop Prince episode 1 aired on March 21st, 2012, the scene of Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) cries on the death of royal concubine Jung Yoo Mi was staged.

Lee Gak could not find the royal concubine at the side when sleeping, felt a bit sign of strange. The urgent footsteps that followed let him learned that royal concubine encountered accident. After knowing the fact, he hurriedly ran outside. The drown body of royal concubine was floating in the pool. Lee Gak who saw the scene was impacted by sadness and whimpered.

Tears flowed facing the corpse in the lake of lotus. He shouted, “Concubine, why like this?” Although he attempted to enter but the guard wouldn’t allow him. He cried sorrowfully just like this, shouting the name of concubine. He who lost a loved one revealed the feelings through painful crying.

Next, crown prince stepped forward to identify the cause of death of crown princess. There must be something behind the death of royal concubine, crown prince wants to find out the criminal to vent his anger.

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