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Park Yoochun: Envy of The Moon Embracing the Sun but No Pressure

The lead actor of SBS drama “Rooftop Prince,” Micky Park Yoochun said that he is envy of the high popularity of MBC drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Park Yoochun attended the production press conference for Rooftop Prince held at Jamsil on February 5th, 2012. Park Yoochun is challenging historical drama again after KBS 2TV’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010. When asked if he would feel pressure due to current popular hit drama The Moon Embracing the Sun, Yoochun said, “Although I am very envy but there is no sense of burden.”

Yoochun said, “In order to produce a better drama, everybody works very hard, I hope everyone’s hard work will get a very good drama in return. Although the ratings of The Moon Embracing the Sun is very high, envy, but in exchange for good works, although

When Rooftop Prince premieres on March 14th, 2012, the other two TV stations also will broadcast new dramas. When asked if he therefore makes some special preparation, Yoochun said, “I read a lot about the news about this question. The genre of the drama is different from each other, so does not worry too much, and hope that the comedy genre that has a bad time in popularity will get better.”

With regard to his challenge on historical drama again, Park Yoochun said it’s not comparable with Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Park Yoochun said, “A scholar and a crown prince of a country have a great differences. The things that need to perform and the inner hearts of two characters are different too. Because of difference in posture, the two characters hide distinctive charm.

Although Rooftop Prince is a historical drama, but in actual the scenes that set against the background scenes of Joseon era are only 30% -40%, but those are the key of the historical drama.

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