Park Yoochun & Han Ji Min SBS E! K-Star News Interview English Translated Transcript

On March 8th, 2012, Micky Yoochun and Han Ji Min who are starring in new SBS Wednesday and Thursday drama series Rooftop Prince were interviewed by SBS E! K-Star News.

Here’s the English translation transcript for the interview with Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min.

Watch the video clip of SBS E! K-Star News interview with Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min on Rooftop Prince on YouTube.

MC: Hello, the two leading actors (of Rooftop Prince).
Yoochun: Hello, viewers of SBS E! K-Star News. I am Park Yoochun who plays the role of Lee Gak in the series.
Jimin: I am Han Ji Min who plays the role of Park Ha (in Rooftop Prince).

– The two persons who have attracted the attention since the preparation stage through the “highest visual sense,” Yoochun, where your clean image gone? Suddenly appears in red sportswear, what’s happening?

Q: Please introduce the drama series.
Yoochun: It’s a drama which centers around the funny stories of 4 Joseon men travel through 300 years of time to fall into Seoul, and encounters Park Ha.
MC: Well said, concise and easy to understand, better than Internet news, don’t know when have you searched…
Subtitle: The hit by MC Jang Jin Eun – It’s exactly the content of Internet news!

Q: I heard that you’re anticipating after knowing who is the actress co-starring opposite you?
Yoochun: O, I said O first, only then (Han Ji Min) O. (laugh)
Jimin: No… O.
Yoochun: Really want to cooperate with Han Ji Min. I used to think “it’s good if can cooperate,” really happy that we can cooperate together.

– Such a beautiful and well liked girl, who doesn’t like to cooperate with?

MC: Do you show off to people in surrounding?
Yoochun: I am happy inside my heart.
MC: Not showing it off…
Yoochun: Only to family members, to mother, younger brother.
MC: What’s the response of JYJ members?
Yoochun: (Shy) Very envy.

Q: You most prefer member of JYJ is?
Subtitle: Really is him.
Jimin: Y (laugh)
Yoochun: Oh, really so happy.
Subtitle: Can see that.
MC: In order not to become a gossip rumor, will use subtitle to manage.

Q: The actual look and the look on screen is 180 degree different?
Yoochun and Jimin: O.
Yoochun: Normally female and actresses will thoroughly self-control, does not each much rice.
Jimin: Then I don’t self-control? (Laugh)
Yoochu: Do it thoroughly, but the appetite is good.
Yoochun: Didn’t you notice the vision at the side?
Yoochun: Those really beautiful, is beautiful even eating, old people said like this.
MC: You personal ideal type is a woman who can eat?
Yoochun: Of course. I will the look of eating well.
Jimin: His alias on the set is “minister of welfare,” always gave vitamin and other (kind of things). Not only Yoo Chun, but his fans also provided a lot, really grateful. Thank to him, I am well fed, very happy. (Laugh)

Q: In actual, what would you do if such a handsome flower boy appears in your house?
Jimin: Ah.. (laugh), of course will stay together.
MC: Four persons together?
Jimin: Yes, the chance is hard to find.

Q: You personally like (red sportswear)?
Yoochun: Want to wear it to sleep.
MC: Also like such sportswear normally?
Yoochun: Sportswear… No… Clothing… is very comfortable, so I like to wear.
Subtitle: Lying? The stammer Yoochun.

– Even if old-fashioned sportswear will become high class after been wore by Park Woochun, this visual impact please confirm yourself in the broadcast.

Yoochun: All viewers of SBS E!, currently I’m working hard to shoot, hope to let everybody feels the spring warm, please do love! I will complete the future filming properly.
Jimin: Hope to laugh and happy together (with Rooftop Prince), do stay with us.

Yoochun and Jimin: (Rooftop Prince) fighting!


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    waah Micky and Han Ji Min have sizzling chemistry from the trailer. want to watch this already!

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