The fifth episode of Protect the Boss brings some surprise to the viewers, where not one, but two kiss scenes was shown back to back to satisfy viewers’ appetite. The Protect the Boss episode 5 broadcast on August 17th ends with a double kiss scenes between lead actors and actresses, creating a suspense for more in the next episode.

The first kiss scene involves the JYJ’s Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hye. Seo Na Yoon (played by Wang Ji Hye) is crying out her frustrations to Cha Moo Won (played by Kim Jae Joong) while sitting in his car. Their parents want them to get married, but Moo Won understands that Na Yoon still loves Ji Hun, and that she is upset over the fact that Ji Hun now likes Eun Sul.

Moo Won then says to Na Yoon, “Come to me when your body and mind are both ready“, and unexpectedly leans towards her to kiss her.

The next kiss scene involves Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee, which happens when Noh Eun Sul (played by Choi Kang Hee) goes to Ji Hun’s house (played by Ji Sung) to try to look for a solution together for the panic attack he suffered from. When Eun Sul looks up towards Ji Hun, Ji Hun leans over and kisses Eun Sul. Earlier in the episode, Ji Hun has confessed to Eun Sul about his love for her, although it’s rejected as No Eun Sul afraids she will be fired from her job.

The kiss also earns Ji Hun and Eun Sul the title of “Bo-Sec couple” because of their relationship as a boss and his secretary. The scene was recently shot in the middle of August in Ilsan.

Protect the Boss Kiss Scene Screen Capture Photo Gallery:

If you want to watch the Protect the Boss double kiss scenes, the exact cut video clip is available on YouTube.