Protect the Boss Episode 1 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailer)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for Korean drama Protect the Boss episode 1:

During school, Eun-Sul (Choi Gang-Hee) is a very loyal girl, and her martial arts is so good until she is called a “legend”. “Although at that time the results were not as good, but I never regret.” She says so during interview. She learns how to trust based on the experience. But with just a graduation certification from a third rate university, it’s hard to find a job. One day, Eun-Sul who works in a small restaurant receives a call informing that she has been offered a job. She excitedly rushes to the company, only to find out that it’s a lending company, and the boss of the company even harasses her. Eun Sul feels very uncomfortable, but still accept the job.

On the other hand, Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung) is running away from the doctor he was seeking treatment, who uses strange therapy on him. Back to the company, he is muttering, finally explains his planning. Moo-Won (Kim Jaejoong) who sits below asks: “Where is your specifics?” Ji Hun is out of idea. After casually playing on the podium for a while, he runs away with the excuse that his not yet ready. Ji Hun’s father is furious, and scolds him in the elevator after catching him. Inside the meeting room, Mu Won who raised the question smiles secretly, and then calmly proceed to the stage to continue the talking.

Ji Hun asks secretary to turn down all the work after been shamed, and go to a bar. At the same time, Eun Seol is also brought by her boss to the same bar, and her boss starts to harass her once again. Eun Sul tries hard to protect herself, and her boss turns to another female colleague. Eun Sul who cannot stand it anymore points to her boss’s nose and scold him sexual harassment, but is poured with wine at the face. She follows her boss angrily to the male toilet, hit him, and ties him with a tie to the faucet.

While leaving, Eun Sul and Ji Hun crash each other on the corridor. Ji Hun’s mobile phone falls to the group and broken. He stops Eun Sul angrily, but the staffs of Eun Sul’s boss arrives and surrounds them. Eun Sul breaks from the siege and escapes, the bad luck Ji Hun is beaten. Ji Hun angrily picked up a high-heeled shoe left by Eun Sul, orders his secretary to find out the owner of the shoe.

Eun Sul who is full of grievances find her best friend, who enlightens her that: “Look at the lighted up lamp, in order to make a little extra money, it is necessary so? We do not envy them at all, no matter how is enemy, the first thing you have to do is to make yourself happy.”

Ji Heon meets his father accidentally when back to home. Chairman Cha admits that what he did to his son in the morning is a bit too much, but after seeing the injury on his son’s face, and after knowing the incident is related with a woman, he could not help but angry again. At night, Chairman Cha orders his men to find out those guys, and punishes them severely. Ji Hun’s secretary who witnessed about this complains to friend, but unexpected it is overheard by a reporter.

The next day held a grand banquet, at which Chairman Cha and Mu Won’s mother who is nicknamed Korea’s first female CEO meets. On the surface, both is harmonious, but after turning around they show disgust towards each other. Ji Heon and Moo Won also meets up. Mu Won says hello to Ji Hun, but is ridiculed by him. Halfway through dinner, reports who heard that Chairman Cha is related to ganster triad flock to the venue, surrounds Chairman Cha. Ji Hun who watches the report at home sighs. The secretary sneakily come back, and confesses everything. Ji Hun is very angry, but secretary who understands that his job is gone scolds Ji Hun back, “Live the life properly, you kid!” Eventually, Chairman Cha is sentenced to two years suspended prison term, and is ordered to involve in the social labor. He goes to the countryside to do a variety of menial jobs, is even monitored by a group of reporters. Meanwhile, Ji Hun flies out of Seoul with the excuse of work on the day of ruling.

The cash-strapped Eun-Sul decides to rewrite her resume, but because of her qualifications, no matter how hard she tries, she still fail everywhere. At the final company, the interviewer not even asks her any question. Feeling very aggrieved and furious, Eun Sul shouts in front of the interviewers: “I am third rate university graduate, and I am not professional, but you didn’t state the conditions in your application! You all who treats professional as skill is really ignorant!” Then she hold back the tears and leaves. Mu Won who sits in the middle of interviewers suddenly has a strong interest on her after listening to her words, keeps turning her resume.

Eun Sul who works in a supermarket receives an admission calls unexpectedly. Although even her friend also thinks it may be a wrong call, but she still goes. What makes Eun Sul surprises is that, not only there is no mistake, but she was chosen by department head Cha Mu Won personally! Therefore, all other secretaries treat her coldly. She finds Mu Won to ask him why he employs her, but find out that he is the one interviewed her. Mu Won does not directly answer, but a phone call from Chairman Cha says: “She may lack the qualifications, but her enthusiasm will not lose to anyone. Is this considered an answer? Eun Sul smiles and nods.

Ji Sun who backs to Seoul is escorted back to the company by his grandmother, and then is escorted to Chairman’s office by Chairman Cha who just returns. Eun Sul introduces herself to Ji Sun who comes in awkwardly, but at the moment she gets up, the way two people look at each other becomes strange.

Protect the Boss Ep. 1 Recap Preview Trailer

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