Protect the Boss Episode 10 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 10 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

While walking, Eun Sul received sunglasses, flower, bread, doll and etc. In the fairy-tale morning, Wu Mon appeared. Eun Sul asks if it’s the work of Mu Won. Muwon asks Eunsul for a date, but Eun Sul can’t give him an answer easily, and says both Moo Won and Ji Hun never listen to her. Muwon asks her to at least give him a last chance. He plays friendship card, but failed. Then he plays sympathy card, saying didn’t rest for a week, failed again. Eun Sul says she afraid other people will say she is seducing him. Mu Won says it’s himself who seduced her, he won’t blame her. He says he had made a lot of appointment, if not turning up, Eun Sul will have to pay him back. In the end, Eunsul agrees for a date.

Ji Hun makes mistaken and is been scolded. Eun Sul calls to tell him she is not going there. Mu Won grabs the phone to talk with Ji Hun.

President Cha goes to see Ji Hun, Ji Hun is angry and wants to skip the work, but is scolded by his co-worker who doesn’t want to let Ji Hun leaves. Ji Hun is absent-minded and bumps into people. The person calls Ji Hun’s manager, and they’re arguing. President Cha saw Ji Hun been scolded, he is angry, and could not tolerate anymore.

Muwon and Eunsul go to cinema where the dark hall is booked specially for them. Muwon secretly wants to touch Eun Sul’s hand but failed. On the road, Muwon sneaks out a hug on Eun Sul on the walking trail, by pretending to avoid a biker.

Muwon and Eun Sul cycles on a bike. They sit on chair to chat. Eun Sul tells her old time story. Muwoon looks seriously into Eunsul.

Nayun chokes while eating, and the water is too hot when drinking. She calls Muwon, who says he is busy. Nayoon calls Eunsul, who also says she is busy. Muwon asks is he is been downgraded from god to people? Eun Sul says he is down since the fight last time.

Eun Sul says don’t like the social class and living background of Muwon, where after married she has to worry about relationship management and whether can adapt to the condition. Therefore rejected. Mu Won says a story, even though I hate the complex family relationship of my background, it continues at my side. Muwon spends a good time with Eunsul, saying that he wants to do things which are ordinary for most, but he himself has never done before.

Customers are ordering, but Ji Hun cannot take down the order in time because they talk too fast. Then he imagines they’re Eun Sul, and manages to take all the order correctly.

Mu Won and Eun Sul go to Ji Hun’s shop. Ji Hun is surprised when he sees Eun Sul comes in with Muwon and is furious at the two, pulls Eun Sul aside, and chases Mu Won away by shutting the door to prevent Muwon from coming in.

Na Yun goes to shopping and meets her mother. Both accusing each other. When Na Yun goes out, she meets her mother men, and is chased. Na Yun says she doesn’t want blind date, and can’t live under surveillance. She does not have a single friend now, and blames her mother a lot of thing. Na Yun remembers Mu Won’s suggestion to escape. When alighting from car, she escapes after saying a few words to mother.

Ji Hun is accused by co-worker for making mistake. Na Yun’s mother is finding Mu Won’s mother to complain. Mu Won’s mother and Na Yun is talking about the acquisition. Chairman A is discussing about acquisition with a rich guy. Chairman Cha meets a person who makes mistake, remembering his son, he lets the worker go.

Eun Sul’s father is staying at home, blaming Myung Ran for not doing house work. Myung Ran asks why he doesn’t go back to the mountain, Eun Sul’s father asks her to keep confidential. Na Yun calls Myung Ran to ask for help, Myung Ran lectures her.

No more customer. Ji Hun looks at Eun Sul who is sleeping. He gives Eun Sul bread and drink when she wakes up. Eun Sul says, when comparing with loving him, you both is closer and more intimate. Ji Hun wants Eun Sul to apologize and tells the details of what happened on the day in 10 minutes. Eun Sul says she don’t like social background of Ji Hun, so also rejects Ji Hun with the same reason.

Mu Won says he plans to help her mother in work wholeheartedly. His mother is happy. Ji Hun and Eun Sul at the staircase about to do something, but Myung Lan and Na Yun appear. Ji Hun and Na Yun talk to each other. Na Yun says she officially gives up on Ji Hun. And she apologizes for his brother incident.

Nayun breaks into tears due to heartbreak. Na Yun comforts her. In Eun Sul house, Eun Sul’s father goes to sauna room to sleep. Na Yun still crying. Three women is drinking together. After drinking, Eun Sul sings “I most red”, they enjoy dancing and singing together.

President is drinking alone. Ji Hun is concerned about his father. Chairman Cha asks Ji Hun to sit down, and says that even if you want to fire secretary Nol, he won’t allowed. President is angry again. He asks Ji Hun to protect himself first before protecting Eun Sul. Ji Hun recalls the breakup words of Eun Sul, it’s after all not the worst case.

When in car to go home, Eun Sul and father talks about her heart. He asks Eun Sul to decide who she should love, so that she hurts only one person. In dining room, Cha family is having gathering. Mu Won’s mother is talking good of President Cha. Ji Hun the leaves for work, Mu Won follows.

After Mu Won’s mother left, grandmother asks Chairman Cha to say it truthfully, and warns him not to do bad thing. President Cha smiles casually to deal with it. President instructed secretary to publish (the bad thing) today. Eun Sul goes to Ji Hun working place, Ji Hun makes mistake again. Na Yun also follows behind Eun Sul, says she comes is to work.

Mu Won works seriously. The secretary asks him to rest for a while. He says he recently has rest, and rest while working is very good. He says his primary motive is to achieve the highest standard his mother requested of.

Mu Won received a call with bad news. Mu Won mother and Na Yun mother is discussing about work, then received Mu Won call, saying Chairman Cha has done something. Mu Won goes to find Chairman Cha, says he violates business ethics. Chairman Cha says want to go against Mu Won’s mother. They quarrel, discussing about Mu Won’s father. Mu Won says he can only occupies the President.

Na Yun tells Ji Hun that Chairman Cha and Mu Won is quarreling about work. Ji Hun is in low mood, looking at the place of secretary. Ji Hun comes back and stares at Mu Won, says allows Mu Won to borrow Eun Sul. Mu Won says he only need to see for 10 seconds. He says he is feeling better now, and walks away. Na Yun gives opinion to Ji Hun. Ji Hun asks when is Na Yun leaving Eun Sul’s house. Na Yun says she afraids mother, but mother who does nothing is even more scary. Eun Sul goes into office, hugs Ji Hun, while Na Yun leaves.

Na Yun sees Mu Won, but is stopped by secretary. Na Yun says it’s enough, she wants to return something. Na Yun enters and consoles him. Ji Hun enters Mu Won’s room, asks Mu Won and Mu Won’s mother to give up, because everybody knows they have to give up. Mu Won says he is busy, asks Ji Hun to go out. Ji Hun goes to ask Chairman Cha why is it so. Chairman Cha says it’s because of Ji Hun.

Grandmother is lecturing Chairman. Chairman says Sook Hee is doing bad thing. Grandmother hit for a while and leaves. Mu Won’s mother arrives to scold Chairman Cha. Chairman Cha rebukes, and Mu Won’s mother throws her shoe at him, then leaves. Mo Wun’s mother is fighting with Chairman Cha through Director Park. Na Yun mother takes the opportunity to rip off. Chairman Cha asks Ji Hun if he is not interested in the management rights, Ji Hun says yes, and Chairman Cha looks bad.

Eun Sul smiles while looking at the way Ji Hun works. He wants to send Eun Sul home, but hand is twisted by Eun sul. At the staircase, Ji Hun says want to go to Eun Sul’s place. Mu Won appears, says want to change the living condition for Eun Sul.

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