Protect the Boss Episode 11 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 11 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

The sudden appearance of Mu Won creates the odd and delicate surrounding environment. Ji Hun asks Eun Sul if he can go to her place to stay. Mu Won says no, he is willing to exchange the living place with Ji Hun. Ji Hun says this is a foul play, and they argue. Eun Sul says she is appreciative and acknowledged that she is too lucky, but also agitatedly says that she is about to suffocate, and wants both of them to shut up. Eun Sul is angry, hit Ji Hun, and threaten him. Then she pushes Mu Won to the wall and lectures him with a very exaggerated look. Jihun and Muwon are very shocked and stop arguing. Eun Sul says she is the worst kind of person, and hit herself once. Ji Hun and Mu Won worry about Eun Sul. Eun Sul is afraid, and leaves after apologized. Ji Hun then tries to talk to Mu Won, who is unwilling, but Ji Hun pull him away.

Myung Ran is lecturing Na Yoon, who rebukes a few words and is hit. Eun Sul hit her head to the wall, and Na Yun asks why. Eun Sul explains what happened.

Ji Hun says want to invest in Mu Won because of Eun Sul, although he doesn’t know how big is the investment, and Mu Won says it’s not easy. He suggests that they has an armistice as they’re pushing Eun Sul too hard. Mu Won says it’s not because of him, but Ji Sun. Ji Sun says in future he will come to comfort Mu Won, and wants to hug Mu Won, but Mu Won is shocked and pushes him away, then goes home.

Mu Won’s mother is worried about him. Mu Won aks his mother if she has done anything bad, as Chairman Cha looks like has something on hand. Mu Won’s mother tells him about untrustworthy of Chairman Cha, plan to plant spy on him, attempt to convince shareholders and other things. She continued that as Chairman Cha doesn’t even know about Eun Sul’s matter, a person as stupid as him should not know anything. She asks Mu Won not to worry. She then asks director Park a few thing, worrying about been discovered, and asks him to be extra careful.

Chairman Cha complains that grandmother changed the channel from drama to news program, and was hit by her. Chairman Cha it’s illegal to watch news. Grandmother asks Chairman Cha to help Mu Won’s mother, but was denied. She then speaks for Mu Won, but Chairman Cha rhetorically asks her if she is on the side of Ji Hun. Grandmother maintains neutral, and Chairman Cha says although Ji Hun is not perfect, but he does nothing wrong. Grandmother leaves.

Ji Hun talks to the cardboard of Eun Sul. Chairman Cha catches the sight of it, and scolds him as insane. He asks Ji Hun to talk to real person, not a portrait.

Eun Sul and Na Yun are both dreaming about their relationship with Ji Hun and Mu Won. Na Yun imagines Ji Hun and Mu Won happily sleeps beside her, but is told she is not the heroine. Eun Sul is dreaming that she will hurt both of them if she continues like this, and says she will truthfully face the reality, won’t escape.

Eunsul visits the house of CEO Cha on her way to work, and steps into Jihun’s room to wake him up as usual. With realizing it herself, she smiles when she stares at sleeping Jihun. But to such Eunsul, Jihun emphasizes the idea of the boss and the company being one and encourages her to go back to how they used to feel initially, saying that he will turn her back into the “crazy bun-head,” as she is charming lately.

Eun Sul is learning and is bullied by Ji Hun. Eun Sul twists his hand, who then shouts pain. Mu Won tells Chairman Cha that he will use the same method to revenge on him. Mu Won instructs sectary on the legal strike-back on the acquisition plan, and discuss with mother about share price.

Mu Won suddenly finds Eun Sul to talk, says in future he has no time to bother Eun Sul. Eun Sul says Mu Won has the ability to smoothly solve the issue. Secretary Jang is reporting the action of Mu Won to Chairman.

Eun Sul comes to see Chairman. They go into the lift, and followed by Director Park. Park remembers the warning by Mu Won’s mother about spying. Chairman Cha and Park talks for a while, and says that sectary Jang is his trusted subordinate.

After Park left, Eun Sul asks Chairman Cha if Park has betrayed him. Chairman says this time he will settle it alone, as he afraid of society feedback. Park asks Jang about Chairman. Jang says if a right hand man betrays, he will be tortured and killed.

Eun Sul is eating together with Chairman Cha. Seeing Eun Sul eating noddle, he lectures her, but Eun Sul says she is used to eating noddle. Chairman says she has to mind a little if she wants to be part of his family, and says he can agree to Ji Hun and Eun Sul together, and will send Eun Sul to study after Ji Hun recovered. He wants Eun Sul to wash clean, as many people is watching her. Eun Sul is unwilling as she is not dirty. Chairman says the persons who he is not afraid of is grandmother, Mu Won’s mother and Eun Sul.

Eun Sul asks to be transfered to another department. Chairman asks if it’s because of afraid Mu Won will sad when she is together with Ji Hun.

Eun Sul goes to find Ji Hun is the coffee shop. Ji Hun sees an dishonest person in the shop. When arguing, he exposes his identify as son of gangster father. The dishonest person is scared away. Another staff is scared because he bullied Ji Hun, but Ji Hun consoles hi.

In park, Ji Hun says he has agreement with Mu Won, but he is about to break the agreement, and kiss Eun Sul’s forehead. Then, he rushes back happily to the coffee shop to work, hug the staff happily.

Na Yun goes to find her mother. Her mother sees Na Yun cries, so asks the subordinates to leave. Na Yoon asks mother to help Mu Won unconditionally. Na Yun’s mother disagrees as it’s a business. Mu Won joins in to discuss with Na Yun’s mother about the business, angering Na Yun’s mother. Na Yun consoles Mu Won, asks him if he sees Eun Sul lately. Mu Won says no because he was been busy, and afraid to be dumped. Na Yun is furious and leaves. When she leaves, she twisted her leg. Mu Won is helping her.

Grandmother calls a family gathering. Grandmother asks how much capital they still lack of, and she will give. Mu Won’s mother is shocked. Ji Hun says he himself has invested. Grandmother asks Mu Won to withdraw the litigation. Grandmother asks Chairman Cha what he plans to do, is he wants to be isolated. Mu Won’s mother boot-licks the grandmother. Grandmother warns that if something like this happens again in future, she won’t let off anybody, as she still have connections and shares. She wants them to fight in the upright manner.

Chairman Cha says it’s unfair to Ji Hun. Mu Won’s mother asks Chairman Cha has what evidence, but he bluffs his way out. Knowing that grandmother is monitoring them, Mu Won’s mother smilingly talks with Chairman.

Mu Won is playing the toy in Ji Hun’s room, Ji Hun offers him to bring it away if he likes it. Mu Won wants a lot of things. Ji Hun says it’s too much. Mu Won hits Ji Hun, and they starts to fight again.

Eun Sul is going back home after buying things, bumps into Na Yun on the way, Na Yun knocks into her causing all the things falling down. Eun Sul asks if Na Yun was intentionally doing it. Na Yun says can’t she jealous her? Eun Sul says it’s better to just beat her.

Mu Won is having the press conference on the acquisition of PS Mobile. Eun Sul says it’s great after watching the news.

Eun Sul is attending an English class. After class, teacher asks her what happened as she looks tired, and comforts her.

Eun Sul sees Mu Won, but Mu Won is not seeing her and continue talking with secretary about work. Ji Hun brings Eun Sul to the coffee shop. Na Yun, Ji Hun and Eun Sul talks about work. Ji Hun practices public speaking. Eun Sul smiles when looking at Ji Hun who jumps and talks.

Mu Won and his mother is having meeting, after the meeting the mother praises Mu Won. She asks Mu Won if he is unhappy because of Eun Sul. He says yes. His mother than says don’t be so honest in front of me, tells a lie in front of her is good too.

Eun Sul is encouraging Ji Hun. They looks at each other for a while. Ji Hun goes up on stage, feels a little nervous. Mu Won and Mu Won’s mother is watching Ji Hun. Ji Hun remembers what Eun Sul said previously, and starts talking. Eun Sul is nervously waiting outside. His presentation ends successfully, and Chairman Cha smiles and claps. Ji Hun comes out to celebrate with Eun Sul for successful public speaking.

The secretary is reporting to Mu Won about Eun Sul.

Ji Hun dates Eun Sul, but Eun Sul says she has appointment. Chairman Cha is praising Eun Sul and Ji Hun. Na Yun’s mother is talking with Mu Won’s mother, angrily complaining about why Eun Sul is picking Ji Hun. Na Yun’s mother suggests a way to Wu Won’s mother, who is worried that it’s no good if discovered by grandmother. Na Yun’s mother says don’t worry, just don’t be caught.

Chairman Cha calls Ji Hun to tell him Eun Sul is about to dispatch. Eun Sul meets with Mu Won. Mu Won says if she is relegating because of him, then don’t do it. Mu Won also understands about the intention of Eun Sul. He can only be friend with Eun Sul, but he can’t says the words that said by friend, wants to try hard to fight for it. He asks Eun Sul don’t leave.

Mu Won talks with Eun Sul to go home. Eun Sul says she doesn’t know if the words of Mu Won is correct or not, but the she will reconsider about the transfer. Mu Won hugs Eun Sul, and Ji Hun is looking at them on the staircase! He feels that it’s best not to give up the management rights so easily.

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