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Protect the Boss Episode 12 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 12 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

Mu Won sends Eun Sul to a place and alight. Mu Won asks her to reconsider the decision to transfer out if it’s because of him. Mu Won asks is it possible for just one time, and hugs Eun Sul. After embracing for a while, he pushes away Eun Sul, shows a salute gesture, and leaves. Eun Sul lifts her head, and sighs. She turns back and sees Ji Hun. Ji Hun says no need to embrace to forgive.

After separating with Eun Sul, Mu Won sees Na Yon alighting from car on the way home. Na Yun looks terrible, Mu Won concerns about her, but she says she is OK. Mu Won wants to leave, but Na Yu boards the car, and tells about been sent home during dinner. His mood is depressed and his feeling is frustrated, and he shouts angrily at Na Yun.

Ji Hun asks Eun Sul if she hates to together in a place with Mu Won. Eun Sul says no. Ji Hun requests that she cancels the transfer application, and gives him food to eat, because Eun Sul is consuming too much of his energy. While eating, Ji Hun is very particular about food. Myung Lan says even Na Yun is not picky eater. Myung Ran feeds Ji Hun, forcing him to eat.

Na Yun says she wants to leave, Mu Won apologizes to her. Mu Won says he angry to himself just now, and not to Na Yun, and hope she does not leave. Na Yun says she knows how to give vent to anger, by singing the I’m the best taught by Eun Sul and Myung Ran. So they goes to KTV (karaoke) together.

Mu Won sings a love song, and Na Yun is obsessed listening to him.

Eun Sul asks Ji Hun about the operational rights. Ji Hun says he is a pacifist, does not like competition. Eun Sul says she doesn’t like Ji Hun comes into her circle, Ji Hun says will follow what’s the thinking of Eun Sul. Myung Ran suddenly appears and lectures them, for the good of everybody. Eun Sul and Ji Hun laughs together.

While singing, Mu Won is recalling the memory of him with Eul Sul, from cycling together to a recent hug, and the few seconds of staring at Eun Sul due to sadness.

Eun Sul sends Ji Hun out. Ji Hun says he will working hard, not to Eun Sul, but to good to Mu Won.

Na Yun sings, while Mu Won becomes intoxicated after drinking just a little bit from a can of beer and loses consciousness. Upon receiving Nayun’s call, Eunsul and Jihun rushes to find Muwon. Jihun sends Muwon home. Looking at Muwon, Jihun for some reason feels a little bit sorry.

Mu Won’s mother is worried that her son has drunk, and chases away Ji Hun. CEO Cha is praising Ji Hun in front of grandmother. Chairman Cha regrets about things in the past, grandmother says as long as he is not like that again. CEO Cha is talking about the exaggerating expression of Mu Won’s mother after seeing the Ji Hun’s presentation. President Cha is using grandmother’s theory to talk with grandmother, but grandmother says have to examine and put right own weakness, but Chairman Cha doesn’t want to listen. Grandmother says there is no children who won’t listen to parents, and walks away furiously. Ji Hun sees the sitting father and chats.

Na Yun is trying to have a fight with Eun Sul as Eun Sul says before it’s possible to fight. Na Yun hit Eun Sul. Myung Ran pulls Na Yun away and locks her outside. Na Yun knows and cries, and implores. After opening the door, Myung Ran warns her, but she promises she won’t again, and steps inside.

Ji Hun and Mu Won think. Driver asks Eun Sul and Ji Hun to alight, both of them does not sleep well. In the elevator, Eun Sul meets CEO Cha, who asks her to meet him later. Ji Hun does not want CEO Cha to meet Eun Sul, Chairman Cha wants to hit Ji Hun, but Eun Sul and secretary prepares video camera to record. Chairman says he won’t fight in future.

Ji Hun goes to coffee house to announce policy, saying a staff is not qualified. The staff though it’s because he had bullied Ji Hun, but Ji Hun later specially agrees to help the staff. The part-time staff is touched, and hugs Ji Hun. Ji Hun introduces Myung Ran to work in the coffee house. The staff asks Myung Ran what is her identify, if she a daughter of chaebol. Myung Ran is very hardworking, but others is looking at her with unusual eyesight, and Myung Ran also notices that.

On the other hand, CEO Cha brings Eunsul to visit a department store, and Eun Sul is trying out clothes. Chairman Cha makes hand gesture to signal if the cloth suits Eun Sul or not.

Na Yun’s mother catches the sight of Eun Sul, and goes to gossip to Mu Won’s mother. Mu Won’s mother says Na Yun’s mother previously like Chairman Cha, so is jealous. Na Yun’s mother says she is now just looking at her own Chairman Shi. Na Yun’s mother says she wants to use trick, for the sake of Na Yun and Mu Won.

Director Park hands the information to Mu Won’s mother, says it’s very hard to get. Mu Won asks him what happened to his face. Director Park says he worries about President Cha, so can’t sleep, and that if found out by Chairman, he needs to be taken care by Mu Won’s mother.

Grandmother asks Mu Won to come out. They have a walk. Mu Won thinks about Eun Sul when seeing cyclist. Grandmother asks if he likes to cycle. Mu Won then cycles and carries grandmother. Grandmother is scared to death, but after seeing Mu Won is happy, also says happy. Mu Won says he change his thought about his own circle. Grandmother consoles Mu Won, while Mu Won asks her to play again.

Eun Sul thanks CEO Cha for bringing her to departmental store. Chairman Cha buys a bunch of branded designer clothes for Eun Sul as gift, wants her to live beautifully in future. President Cha begs Eun Sul who is feeling uncomfortable and burdened to help him so that Ji Hun becomes interesting in having the rights to control the company. Chairman attempts to use force to coerce her, but she is still unwilling.

Chairman Cha meets a group of aunts talking about children, and exchanges opinion with them about how to teach children. The aunts praises Chairman Cha looks like an actor. After knowing he is a gangster, he denies, and walks away embarrassingly.

Mu Won and secretary talks about thinking about Ji Hun. Ji Hun talks bad about Mu won in front of Eun Sul, says she is cheated by Mu Won. He asks Eun Sul to come near him, but Eun Sul does not walk, he moves forward, and dates her after work.

Na Yun’s mother finds Na Yun, returns to Na Yun the credit card. Na Yun says want to give to Eun Sul and Myung Ran to use, causing her mother to angry. Na Yun’s mother tries to talk with Na Yun gently, but then starts to threaten her again. Na Yun’s mother want to take away Mu Won and Ji Hun from the side of Eun Sul. Na Yun says she won’t leave the matter at that if her mother does any bad things.

Mu Won finds Na Yun to discuss about work. Na Yun says she had helped Mu Won to revenge on Eun Sul. Na Yun asks has Mu Won eaten, but Mu Won continue to talk about work. Na Yoon is sad. Mu Won says it’s amazing, when was dumped by you, Eun Sul was consoling, when was dumped by Eun Sul, Na Yun is consoling him.

Na Yun walks on the street feeling listless, Mu Won asks if she wants a lift. Na Yun says she still have sense of shame. Mu Won drives away. Then Na Yun flags down taxi. Mu Won asks if she still don’t want to board his car? Na Yun boards Mu Won’s car.

Eun Sul is eating with Ji Hun. Ji Hun dislike the dating place. He let Eun Sul fed him. They are happily together.

Chairman Cha asks about work, and knows that grandmother was investigating Eun Sul from secretary, then scolds the secretary.

Na Yun asks Mu Won if he wants to eat. Mu Won says definitely wants to eat, but not with her. Na Yun gets rage, says want to eat with Myung Ran.

And five of them, Ji Hun, Eun Sul, Mu Won, Na Yun and Myung Ran, eat together. Mu Won wants to drink until drunk, but stopped by other four. Then he cheers. Na Yun scowls at Eun Sul, while Mu won takes food for Na Yun and Ji Hun takes for Eun Sul. Myung Ran gets angry, and calls secretary Kim, pretending to be her boyfriend. Secretary Kim asks why him. Na Yun says it’s a pity Myung Ran be the girlfriend of secretary Kim. Then, Myung Ran feeds Kim. The gang of six eats noisily, and only Mu Won cannot drinks wine.

Eun Sul received a call which informed about learning. Eun Sul goes to the house of Chairman Cha. Somebody pulls her away. Upon seeing, Ji Hun asks where is Eun Sul going, but CEO Cha does not wants to tell. Eun Sul is learning about flower arrangement, playing cello, and various etiquette and eating courtesy.

Chairman brings Ji Hun to big boss, but Ji Hun says he is not interested in the management rights. Ji Hun calls Eun Sul, and although Eun Sul says it’s disgusting, but she still eagerly awaiting the end of the learning.

Mu Won says he wants to do thing straight, does not want illegal or invisible capital. Mu Won’s mother says she will do worse thing for the sake of Mu Won, and asks Mu Won doesn’t him know that?

Eun Sul meets with Mu Won, both greets. Mu Won invites Eun Sul for tea. Eun Sul says she has whole day of learning, and looks like there is more. Mu Won says because of yesterday, he is now at ease. He says she must be tired, and asks her to go first.

Chairman Cha goes out, and secretary goes to prepare something. Eun Sul greets Chairman and then later enter the Chairman Cha’s room. Eun Sul sees the information on paper, and is shocked. Upon returning, secretary is shocked. Eun Sul asks her what is it about. Secretary answer casually. At the same time, Mu Won’s mother and Na Yun’s mother is looking for weaknesses information. Secretary reminds Eun Sul to treat everything as don’t know. At this time, Chairman Cha comes back.

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