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Protect the Boss Episode 13 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 13 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

Eun Sul enters the office and saw the material. Secretary Jang comes in and asks Eun Sul what is she doing, but Eun Sul asks her what is it. Secretary Jang says it’s nothing, and instructs her to pretend knowing nothing. Chairman returns and lectures secretary Jang.

Meanwhile secretary Kim is been asked bu Ji Hun asked him to book a room for two days one night. Ji Hun says he will go with secretary Kim and secretary Nol Eun Sul three together together, but wants secretary Kim to return to Seoul soon after departing with the excuse of emergency. Secretary Kim looks blurred.

CEO Cha notices that Eun Sul is staring at him with stiff facial expression, feels strange, and asks Eunsul is anything happened. Eun Sul holds on and does not reveal that she had saw the documents. Instead, they talk about her learning and training as Chairman Cha daughter-in-law.

The confused Eun Sul is pulled aside by the secretary Jang, and reminded her that she must be tell anyone about the documents. Secretary Jang says Chairman Cha is the cleanest chairman of whom he knows, and his job is to protect the chairman, even though Eun Sul says tax evading is against the law, and he should pay the tax fully. Secretary Jang says even Mu Won is evading tax. She asks if not doing this, is the company cannot run properly.

Coincidentally Muwon walks pass and sees director Park is eavesdropping on them, feels strange and asks what is he doing. Director Park says Eun Sul is scolded by secretary Jan, and that he is on the side of Mu Won. Mu Won says Park is on the side of his mother, not his. Later Mu Won greets Eun Sul.

Ji Hun is playing game with secretary Kim. Eun Sul sees them, and wants to leave, but is stopped by Ji Hun. After secretary Kim leaves, Ji Hun says he knows he cannot touches her, but he hopes he can looks at her. But Eun Sul hugs him instead. Ji Hun says it’s good, and asks what’s the matter. Eun Sul says he is good. Ji Hun asks him why doesn’t say he is handsome. Eun Sul then says he is handsome.

Na Yun is eating sadly, remembering Mu Won who was singing and Mu Won who was serving her food. She hit her own head in order to stop remembering. The waiter asks her if she is not satisfying with the service, Na Yun says she is not satisfying with herself.

Mu Won meets with Na Yun to discuss about work, and asks Na Yun to ask Eun Sul what happens to her. Na Yun says he still so care of Eun Sul after been dumped by her, will let Eun Sul felt burdensome. And that the way he entangles with Eun Sul and so cool to her is not good. Mu Won says he is still working hard, and asks Na Yoon is she liked him. Na Yun says yes, but Mu Won feels happy.

Ji Hun and Eun Sul are in elevator, but Eun Sul minds that there is surveillance camera, Ji Hun holds Eun Sul’s hand from the back and back-hugs her. When elevator door opens, they’re seen by Chairman Cha and secretary Jang. Ji Hun pushes Eun Sul away and pretends nothing happens. Chairman praises Eun Sul, and brings secretary out of elevator. They’re separated by a group of people who entered the lift, but Ji Hun still holding Eun Sul with fingers.

Chairman Cha says walking is more healthy, but secretary Jang says Eun Sul’s face looks unhealthy. Chairman Cha asks him to bring Eun Sul for medical check-up, and says that he likes her, and that now they’re going to be one family, he likes her even more.

Director Park almost runs into Chairman Cha. Chairman Cha is concerned about the healthy of director Park, and invites him to go to seaside together. Director Park is shocked and worried, while secretary Jang is inciting at the side, and is asked to set a date.

Ji Hun and Eun Sul is dating like a lover, and they have a good time. Inside the restaurant, which only hosts two of them with a musical band performs for them, Eun Sul says finally what she learned can be put into use, but it’s for just one time, as she worries about money spent.

Ji Hund sends Eun Sul back home, and looks romantically into her but holding her face.

Mu Won is thinking about what Na Yoon told him about been dumped by Eun Sul at home, and decides to call Ji Hun for a meet up. He feels a little unhappy as Ji Hun agrees spontaneously.

As they’re feeling restless, the three girls are going for an exercise at night. Eun Sul is worried that she may become some chaebol daughter-in-law similar to Mu Won’s mother and Na Yun’s mother.

On the other hand, Ji Hun and Mu Won is playing basketball. They then have a job, and finally lie down on the grass. They talk about strangeness of Eun Sul. Mu Won gives a clue that he may give up on Eun Sul, so Ji Hun is happy.

The next morning, Eun Sul pushes aside Na Yun to wake up and go to Chairman Cha’s house. Grandmother is preparing breakfast while Eun Sul is waking up Ji Hun. When they have breakfast, Eun Sul asks grandmother what should be done if a person is good but have committed crime. Ji Hun brings Eun Sul away before grandmother can ask anything else.

Ji Hun asks what problem does Eun Sul has, and he will settle them once and for all. But Eun Sul does not tell him.

Na Yun’s mother and Mu Won’s mother are having a perm together. After discussing on issue from the magazine, they starts talking about Eun Sul and attacks her. At this time, director Park called to Mu Won’s mother, and made her annoyed. She leaves to meet Park, but the meeting location keeps changing, as director Park is worried that somebody tails him. Director Park tells her that something big going to happen that can destroy Chairman Cha, and Chairman Cha asks him to go to a deserted seaside. When he leaves, he is pulled away by a group of people.

Na Yun is following Eun Sul on staircase. Eun Sul asks her not to do so as she looked funny. Na Yun admits she is always funny, but Eun Sul hopes she don’t mind what she says.

Na Yun gives two tickets to Mu Won, of which Mu Won asks her if nobody is accompanying her again. Nayoon says it’s not the case, and that she can go alone if he doesn’t want to go. Moowon denies he had rejected her, but says he cannot guarantee 100% that he can go as he is busy.

Ji Hun gives a “valentine phone” to Eun Sul. Na Yun rushes in and hugs Eun Sul, telling her about Mu Won who is loved and then dumped by her. Ji Hun asks her if she loves Mu Won, Na Yun says she does not want Ji Hun now, and walks away.

Ji Hun asks Na Yun if her mother has any plan to hurt Eun Sul. Na Yun denies, and says that she will help Eun Sul too. Ji Hun tells her about plan to bring Eun Sul for a two days one night trip.

Staff from operation tells Chairman Cha that must handle gossip properly if Ji Hun is bringing girl to play outside, making him furious. While eating, Mu Won’s mother recalls about thing that can destroys Chairman Cha told by director Park. Later she is quarreling with Chairman Cha. Mu Won’s mother says she won’t give up her plan whatsoever. Chairman Cha asks what’s her plan, can’t she not doing it?

Eun Sul is talking to a person who asks about secret capital investment. Eun Sul says it’s a conspiracy as she had never contacted them, and she does not know about secret fund. The man asks Eun Sul to inform him if she has any secret in future, and he will keep her identify confidential. When coming out, they’re sneakily shot by candid camera. Eun Sul sees an unidentified strange man, and gives him a chase, but failed.

Eun Sul goes to confront secretary Jang to ask who is the whistleblower. Secretary Jang denies, says that he is not yet crazy, and is also wondering who is the informant. Eun Sul says she is going to tell Chairman Cha, saying she will not let Ji Hun become like in her imagination of pushing him on wheelchair.

When boarding the car, Eun Sul keeps alert on everywhere, Ji Hun says she is strange. They the group of three person reach the destination.

Na Yun makes up and wait for Mu Won at show venue, and becomes sad one minute to start of show when Mu Won does not appear. She is waiting alone. Mu Won is in meeting, and after seeing the watch, he immediately rushed to the venue knowing as he is already late. At the end, Na Yun enters to watch the musical alone.

At the resort, Secretary Kim uses the excuse of emergency thing to leave. Eun Sul notices that it may be on purpose.

During intermission, Mu Won arrives at the musical venue. He asks Na Yun about name of musical, who cannot answered. So Mu Won knows that Na Yun is not watching the first session. Moo Won asks Na Yoon if she wants to come back to his side. Na Yun says, “Yes! Can’t we?”

Ji Hun and Eun Sul sleep at different room, but keep thinking about each other. Ji Hun calls to say he can’t sleep, asks Eun Sul to come over and give him a massage. Ji Hun pretends to be serious when letting Eun Sul into the room. Looking at the Eun Sul who is massaging him, Ji Hun kisses Eun Sul, and smiles. Eun Sul asks Ji Hun if he will leave everything behind to come to Eun Sul’s side.

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