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Protect the Boss Episode 14 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 14 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

After coming out of theatre, Mu Won asks Na Yun if she wants to go back to his side? Na Yun says yes, and asks if it’s not possible. Listening to confession of Nayun, Muwon’s feeling is very confused and complicated. They sits on the chair, Na Yun asks Mu Won if he is not answering her because of Eun Sul. Mu Won says it’s not so simple. Na Yun asks for conclusion. Na Yun is hurt when Mu Won is hesitated.

She cries and leaves, but bumps into a person. Na Yun apologies, then Mu Won comes to help Na Yun. Mu Won asks Na Yun to wait while he goes to drive his car, but Na Yun does not take his car. After parting with Mu Won, Na Yun hugs Myung Ran as soon as she reaches Eun Sul’s house and sobs. Na Yun says she is embarrassed been dumped by Mu Won. Na Yun put scoops into fridge for tomorrow cosmetics use, as she is afraid of her eyes swollen due to crying.

Eun Sul asks Ji Hun if he will give up management rights to come to her side, and asks him if he remembers what kind of chairman she hopes him to be. Ji Hun says of course, but most importantly is what Eun Sul wants. Then Eun Sul worries about how they’re going to live, Ji Hun says he will consider the question carefully, and asks Eun Sul not to worry. Ji Hun asks her if she has anything hidden, and do not lie, but Eun Sul says it’s not the time to tell yet. And they intimate again.

Mu Won and his mother did not sleep well. Mu Won asks her mother not to play dirty trick, and to win with dignity. Mu Won’s mother ignores him.

Grandmother is thinking about what Eun Sul said. Chairman feels grandmother is strange, and is worried about grandmother, so asks her to go for a check up in hospital. Grandmother talks ot secretary Jang, and warns him to tell the truth. Chairman tries to protect him and says he is his secretary and not her secretary. Then Chairman Cha asks secretary Jang anyway if he has anything that he does not know, and warns him that if he finds out the secretary hides something from him, then he will be in trouble. Secretary Jang says Chairman Cha is going to be volunteer for the last time today, Chairman Cha smiles when thinking about previous social works.

Secretary Kim comes to fetch Eun Sul and Ji Hun. He is jealous looking at the loving two. Eun Sul recalls the thing that the civic group wants her to report, and wants to drive the car. Secretary Kim says it’s going to arrive.

Na Yun’s mother is persuading Mu Won’s mother, telling her that this round there is high chance of winning to defeat Chairman Cha.

Director Park is concerned with the health of secretary Jang, and passes him the medicine through his secretary. Director Park contacts Na Yun’s mother, who asks director Park to hold on.

Eun Sul telephones the administrator of the civic group, tells him that there is a conspiracy. She wants him to pay attention to everything that relates to her, to record down the reporting phone number that impersonates or claims to be her, and let her know and have all the information. She explains that it’s because somebody is trying to trick them.

After the call, Eun Sul walks out of the phone booth careful while monitoring the environment. She is thinking of who is the betrayal – director Park, Mu Won’s mother or Na Yun’s mother, while ruling out Na Yun.

Na Yun tells Eun Sul that she is been dumped by Mu Won, because of Eun Sul.

Ji Hun recalls on the bed chatting with Eun Sul yesterday night, and finds Chairman Cha to talk. He asks Chairman Cha if he is preparing to transfer the property to him, and wants the assets transfer to be done in clean manner, and not through illegal mean. Chairman Cha asks him to mind the reality. Ji Hun rebukes him that they’re already so rich, doing illegal thing will be bringing shame to themselves, and says he trusts Chairman Cha won’t use illegal mean. But Chairman Cha becomes uneasy because his son is trusting him for the first time. In the distance, grandmother is monitoring them.

Na Yun is consulting Eun Sul on her relationship problem. Eun Sul says when Ji Hun says he loves her, she is also liking him for a little bit. Eun Sul says Mu Won is more pitiful, and he is great been alone. Eun Sul tells Na Yun the weakness of Mu Won, that he does not know how to have fun.

Na Yun finds Mu Won to talk. She wants him to follow her, and cancel his schedule as he has hurt her.

Secretary Jang tells Eun Sul it’s not him who is the whistleblower, and asks back Eun Sul if she is the informant instead. Secretary Jang says he is on the same boat with Eun Sul, and they should not distrust each other, but to find out who is the betrayal. Eun Sul says she wants to tell Chairman Cha, but secretary Jang says let him do the talking, but he stops her from telling Ji Hun, as it may breaks their father-son relationship.

Secretary Jang reminds Chairman Cha that it’s time for the last session of volunteering. Chairman Cha asks secretary Jang to asks Eun Sul to see him. Secretary is nervous. Chairman who finds he is strange asks him to come closer, scaring him, and then asks to quickly call Eun Sul.

When Eun Sul arrives, they talk about the last social works. Eun Sul praises Chairman as clean, has integrity and won’t evading tax. Chairman Cha feels embarrassed, but still has the cheek to say it’s like this.

Eun Sul accidentally sees that Director Park is trying to make a doubtful call, and follows him. Ji Hun also follows behind her. Ji Hun pulls away Eun Sul by twisting her ear. Director Park discovers Eun Sul and Ji Hun, and knows that Eun Sul is suspecting him.

Ji Hun asks Eun Sul why she is tailing director Park to male toilet. Eun Sul cheats that it’s because the content of director Park’s call is interesting. Ji Hun is angry because he knows Eun Sul is not trusting him. Eun Sul apologizes. Ji Hun says they are forbid body contact in the company, and pushes Eun Sul. Eun Sul says it’s painful, and Ji Hun worries again.

Director Park reports to Na Yun’s mother that he is been discovered by Eun Sul. Na Yun’s mother wants him to be extra careful. At this time, civic group receives the report information. Chairman Cha is giving a speech about the clean policy of DN group to a group of students, but the students are making noise. Chairman Cha is furious and shows his rogue character and lectures the student. Students accuse Chairman as hooligan chairman, Chairman backs down and tells them not to live like him.

Na Yun and Mu Won walks on the street, but Mu Won is angry. Na Yun pulls Mu won to eat together, but Mu Won is still not so liking to look at Na Yun. Mu Won asks her what’s her intention. Na Yun says just to bring him to play. Mu Won wants to tell her about his stand on their relationship, but Na Yun does not give him chance to talk. Instead, she says when she dumped Mu Won, she didn’t know, but now she know, and that he is still uncertain. So the conclusion now is to play with Mu Won. Na Yun wants to let Mu Won brings her home, but Mu Won does not answer.

Eun Sul and Ji Hun walks on the stairs, and Ji Hun has calmed down. However, Ji Hun says he will still angry until Eun Sul trusts him. Na Yun and Mu Won appears, and Mu Won tells on behalf of Eun Sul that Ji Hun is wrong. Eun Sul says it’s not Ji Hun’s fault. Then, Mu Won asks Ji Hun why they quarrel, and Na Yun asks Eun Sul why they quarrel. Later, Eun Sul wants Na Yun to bring her to see Na Yun’s mother. Ji Hun asks Mu Won is he is together with Na Yun. Mu Won says he is annoyed by this everyday.

Chairman Cha recalls words of Eun Sul and Ji Hun, and the fact that students are saying he is a hooligan criminal. When washing his face, he stares into a different him, where the another him is talking him, and blaming him to live the wrong life, is a shame to the son, and a hooligan to society.

Ji Hun looks at the Eun Sul portrait when Chairman Cha enters, who tells Ji Hun that he is going to transfer the assets cleanly. Chairman then tells secretary Jang about clean transfer of properties. Secretary Jang later tells Chairman Cha that Eun Sul has saw the account books. Chairman Cha is angry and says it’s shameful. Secretary Jang then reports that Eun Sul contact with the civic group. Chairman calls Eun Sul, but is picked up by Ji Hun, who is requested by Chairman to find Eun Sul.

Eun Sul goes to find representative from the civic group, saying the accounts have been received, and will keep confidential. Eun Sul asks them for some time for her to persuade Chairman Cha for surrendering. Ji Hun finds out that Eun Sul is meeting with someone. Eun Sul then goes to find Chairman Cha, tells him that the tax department people has got the secret accounts, and wants Chairman to clean up the accounts before it’s exposed, pay the unpaid tax, and surrender. Chairman Cha asks why he should do so, Eun Sul says the accounts are almost on the way to prosecutor office. Chairman Cha says because he is trusting Eun Sul, so the furiousness and sense of betrayal felt by him currently is immense, so he wants her to leave because he gets mad and hurts her.

Eun Sul leaves and Chairman Cha is painful in heart. Director Park is ridiculing Eun Sul. Eul Sul caught his hand, and he shouted “are you crazy.” She pulls him to a remote corner, and threaten him, saying that she won’t forgive him, and will let him regret what he did. After Eun Sul leaves, director Park cries sitting on the floor.

Eun Sul didn’t manage to find Ji Hun. Chairman Cha instructs secretary Jang to settle away Eun Sul without letting Ji Hun knows. Mu Won discusses with mother about the report. She tells him it’s not done by her, and does not want Mu Won to get involved, but Mu Won misunderstands her. On the other hand, Na Yun gets the nod of her mother to support her and Mu Won. Mu Won appears, accuses Na Yun’s mother, asks her to clean up the mess she is doing. Na Yun’s mother asks what is it about, but Mu Won does not tell her.

Ji Hun asks Eun Sul if she is still not trusting him. He stops the car, and let Eun Sul alights, and drives away sadly. While Eun Sul walks alone on the street, Ji Hun is talking on the phone with Chairman Cha telling him he is strange recently. Chairman Cha wants Ji Hun to separate with Eun Sul, Ji Hun asks what’s happening that he does not know. Chairman Cha says he won’t say the second time, wants Ji Hun to follow his instruction. Ji Hun is having panic attack upon hearing this.

Secretary Cha reports that he has destroyed the evidents, but it’s not easy to get over it. Prosecutors rushes in to search the premise. Mu Won, Ji Hun are stunned looking at the people who comes in. Mu Won, Eun Sul, Ji Hun and Chairman Cha looking at the prosecutors.

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