Protect the Boss Episode 15 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Synopsis and plot recap summary for episode 15 of Protect the Boss Korean drama:

DN Group that is in chaos due to the search and seizure of evidences, immediately reacts and takes action investigate the prosecution’s summon. Eunsul who is housekeeping the message office feels very frustrated, sorrow and guilt. Jihun, in the middle of pressing glares of the employees, become angry at his lack of ability.

Ji Hun confronts his dad why he has to break up with Eun Sul and complains that nobody wants to tell him anything. Chairman Cha says he is not clean, and Eun Sul knows about it. Ji Hun expresses that the reason is ridiculous, and asks if it’s Eun Sul who reported. Chairman Cha is unsure but surmises that there must be somebody hidden behind the scene that did the mischief, and says that it’s for the good of Ji Hun.

In the morning, Eun Sul goes to Chairman’s house, and is blocked by secretary Jang, who says it’s crazy for her to come. Jang tells her that she is not welcome, and has to leave. Eun Sul says Jang should know it’s not her who did the act, but Jang says she is suspicious too, but Eun Sul reminds him that it’s him who asked her not to tell Chairman.

At the office, secretary packs up Eun Sul stuff. While going into office, Ji Hun ignores Eun Sul. Eun Sul looks for him, trying to explain about the secret account investigation, but Ji Hun is in no mood to talk with her. They’re interrupted by tax authority personnels.

In the press conference, Ahn announces the wrongdoing of Chairman Cha. Grandmother is upset, shaking her head.

In the meeting, Ji Hun says he does not believe Eun Sul is the culprit, and vows that whoever betrays him will get in trouble with him. Chairman Cha suddenly feels pain, and after initial confusion of whether he is acting, secretary Jang calls for ambulance. Director Park reports the incident.

Mu Won’s mother asks Na Yun’s mother why she has to use Park as her spy, and warns Na Yun’s mother not to drag her into the incident. Na Yun appears and asks if her mother is the culprit, and is confirmed by Mu Won’s mother.

Muwon overheard that staffs in the office saying Eun Sul is the one who exposed Chairman Cha, and stops them. On the other hand, Ji Hun continues to ignore Eun Sul, even though Eun Sul tries to explain why she couldn’t tell him. While Ji Hun is leaving separately from Chairman Cha as he is embarrassed to be son of gangster, he suddenly feels sorry for Eun Sul who is left behind, asks the driver to stop, but the driver just keeps going.

Grandmother exposes that Chairman Cha is lying about sickness. Chairman Cha promises he will get well once in hospital, and that he will clean up his act.

Mu Won tells his mother that she has some responsibility although she is not involved. Mu Won says he feels sorry to Ji Sun and Eun Sul, but his mother says he can’t apologize as this will make her looks bad.

Na Yun calls to ask Mu Won out. Nayun learned from Muwon that her mother has even falsely implicated Eunsul. Out of frustration she cries in sorrow, but she can’t tell Ji Hun as she afraid Ji Hun will be hurt. She is surprised why Mu Won can still laugh at time likes this, for which Muwon says it’s because of her. Her heart moves again for Muwon who consoles her.

While Muwon sends Nayun home, Nayun wants to borrow money as her savings has been confiscated and she thinks it will be bad to continue staying with Eun Sul. Before entering the house, she asks Eun Sul to meet with Muwon. Mu Won tells Eun Sul that he knows it’s not her doing. Eun Sul wants to know if Mu-won’s mother is involved, but Mu Won says he can’t answer. Eun Sul cries saying she knew the answer, and does not know what to do now. Mu Won pats her shoulder and asks her to just reveal it. They’re spotted by Ji Hun who wants to turn to leave, but Mu Won tells her not to misunderstand. Eun Sul hugs Ji Hun from the back and says sorry. Ji Hun instead tells her she did nothing wrong, and it’s him who is wrong.

Inside the Ji Hun’s car, Eun Sul asks Ji Hun to scold and hit her. But Ji Hun tells her that he wants to rethink over their relationship status, at least until investigation is over, as he is very tired, and asks Eun Sul to get out.

One by one, secretary Jang, director Park, Chairman Cha, Ji Hun and Eun Sul are been interrogated. Chairman and Eun Sul says Ji Hun has done nothing wrong, and Eun Sul suggests that they don’t have any evidence against Ji Hun.

Eun Sul spots director Park is making a call, and tails after him to eavesdrop. She catches up with him, asking why he did all this. Park says he did for a living. Eun Sul wants to know which of Na Yun’s mother or Mu Won’s mother who committed the act, but Park insists he can’t tell, and begs that she doesn’t go and tell Chairman Cha. Eun Sul says she will do depends on situation.

Myung Ran suggests to Eun Sul to just go and meet Chairman Cha and Ji Hun to tell them everything, and proposes going with her.

Chairman Cha is sentenced to 5 years in jail. Chairman Cha and Park is in jail together. They says it’s nice to have the other together, then Chairman Cha feels pain and is sent to hospital by ambulance. Eun Sul and Myung Ran does not get to meet him. Meanwhile secretary Jang tells Ji Hun that Chairman Cha really has sickness, though Ji Hun and grandmother believe it’s more for a show.

Mu Won meets up wit Na Yun’s mother with her secret. Mu Won wants her to not implicate his mother in this case, and blames her for what happens to Eun Sul. He says he is not going to meet Na Yun because of her mother. Na Yun hears the conversation, cries and runs off.

Mu Won goes after her and says she is mistaken. Then he asks her to follow him, where Mu Won finds her an apartment, which the house number is her birthday.

Eun Sul still try to get near Chairman Cha but is not allowed by guard. She dresses and impersonates as doctor, but is caught. She runs into Chairman Cha’s room, and overheard the chatting between Ji Hun and Chairman Cha. Chairman Cha continues to insist Ji Hun to break up with Eun Sul as if Ji Hun is together with Eun Sul, he will be looked down by others, and Chairman Cha wants Ji Hun to succeed him one day. But Ji Hun says he has no confident in breaking up with her.

Na Yun wants to go into the room but Mu Won stops her from interfering them. Then Eun Sul on the run again to avoid get caught. Na Yun and Mu Won chases after her. When they meet, Eun Sul asks for permission to mistreat their mom. Mu Won says OK, but Na Yun is worried Eun Sul may hit her mother. Eun Sul says it depends on situation.

Eun Sul says it has became her habit to protect Ji Hun, without her realizing.

Eun Sul and Myung Ran is meeting up with Na Yun’s mother and Mu Won’s mother, but beats down the guards called by Na Yun’s mother. They warns the mothers not to do such thing again, saying what she has is fighting skill while they have the power to make her looks like a mole. Eun Sul says she will stop at this point today as they’re mothers of people she likes.

Ji Hun calls Eun Sul to meet. Eun Sul asks to stop all the worries and has a happy date. And they go for horse riding and picnic at a ranch, where the horse likes love and kinship.

Eun Sul sleeps in the car, says sorry when she wakes up. They go for a walk with hand holding, but Ji Hun suddenly lets go her hand, and says he wants to temporarily break from their love relationship.

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